Need a laugh? Here's my new coyote mount.



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  • Need a laugh? Here's my new coyote mount.

    After nineteen months and two taxidermists, I finally
    have my coyote mount. Ain't he a beauty? The first
    taxidermist did a crappy job, so I took it to another
    taxidermist to have it done over. The second taxidermist
    took the hide off the form and threw it in the freezer,
    and now can't be bothered with it. I got tired of all the
    lies, so I just went and picked it up. So I went from a
    crappy mount to no mount at all. I think I may just
    mount the form on a board and call it a day.
    No, I won't mention the taxidermists involved. But
    they have both been talked about on the forum in the
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    HAHA Thats good!
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      its ok I have a wolf right now that has been tanning since August.. Starting to make me a little angry.


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        On the positive side that looks like the perfect place to mount the illusive chupricabra when u shoot one


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          Sweet mount!

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