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    Hi everyone'
    I have trapped my whole life since I was 6 years old.I mostly trap fisher and marten now.I would love to trap a wolverine and am looking for a trapping guide who I could hire to run a trapline with.Thanks,Bruce

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    1. Are you a resident ? You may be able to find A partner for the marten but I doubt anyone is going to give up their gulo spots considering how much they are worth and how hard they are to trap.

    For a tip just make take your marten set and blow it up.
    make that 110 a 330 and the mailbox a 5 gallon bucket and put it on the ground.


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      I'm a resident of Maine.


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        Hit up Jake...aka brnbear or something like that on here....he is taking clients out a guided deal.
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          I'll second the recommendation for Jake. He posted a number of threads in the trapping forum this winter that document the guided trapping trips that he took clients on. He was based out of Alpine Creek Lodge on the Denali Highway and his clients successfully trapped wolverine, fox, and marten.


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            Thanks for the information.I'm looking at his information here in Alaska and a few others I found online in British Columbia.


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