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New to Predator Hunting in Alaska

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  • New to Predator Hunting in Alaska

    I have a few questions out there and this is the best place for them. I am going to purchase a Foxpro Firestorm soon and need some input on calls to get with it. Also i need some hints on the coyote/wolf hunting near anchorage or on the kenai and anything on the base as well, i have a few places but not sure how good they aare for coyotes. Any help will be appreciated. Thanksroud:

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    Hmmmm no replies......


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      Get some of the Mark II Snowshoe hares, a few bird sounds as well as the ravens. Get some of the Mark II Coyote howls and pup distress 3 too, that's a great sound. I can't help you in the Anchorage area though, I'm in the interior.


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        Thanks a bunch !!!!!!


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          I would be more than happy to link up with you if you want to do some hunting I also just arrived at Ft. Rich I have hunted the fairbanks area before but im 100% game for hunting around here as well. send me a email

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