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best all around predator caliber for alaska

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  • best all around predator caliber for alaska

    ok guys, heres the scoop.

    i recently ordered a gun through a friend that has a ffl. long story short the gun supplier really messed up and i didnt reveive my gun. thank god i lost no money.
    anyhow, i have my heart set on the weatherby vangaurd synthetic. the only preblem is after this whole fiasco and not getting my gun i have had second thoughts on the caliber. the gun i ordered and didnt get was chambered in 22-250. but now im really considering going the 223 rout. my initial reason for considering the 223 is because i have heard manny stories about exsesive hide dammage on critters shot with a 22-250. the main reason i origanaly ordered the 22-250 was because a certain freind was constantly cheering me on to get the 22-250. i also whant something that i could kill a wolf with. i only shoot fmj's on my predator hunts. do you guys think a 223 can kill a wolf? i am really stuck on this subject. you never know, mabey this gun fiasco was a blessing in disgiuse. im REALY looking in to the 223. what is your guys expeiriances with these calibers? :question::question::question::question:

    joe, ps. excuse my terible spelling and grammar,
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    I guess it depends on what you call a predator. Can the .223 kill a wolf.......? The parent cartridge .222 Remington has killed hundreds, maybe thousands of polar bears. Best all around predator cartridge for Alaska.......? My choice is .243 Winchester, followed by 6.8 SPC
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      I think a 223 would be a good all around varmint gun with the right loads and time of year. Winter mostly is my thought for 223, when the bigs bears are sleepin. Probably want at least 243 in the summer when the bears are hungry and awake, with at least a 44 mag on my belt for the just in case close encounters. 223 will kill any wolf with the right load and a shooter that can hit dead on in any situation. If you panic on a charge from any animal, you are screwed and may as well go with OObuckshot in the hope you were even close on your
      I think it's to each their own on how much you trust your own gun and how well you can handle it in a panic situation, or normal situation for that matter. Learn your gun before you get yourself in a bad situation you can't recover from is my motto!
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        My vote is .243 Winchester. Good long range caliber that can buck the wind. I have both a .243 and a .22-250. I find myself carrying the .243 more often. I'd look at the Remington Model 7, predator version.

        I'm thinking of selling my Tikka .243 and getting this one. Nothing wrong with the Tikka, I just think I'd prefer a more compact gun.

        (Tikka will be for sale when I get back from my deployment next month... )
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          I bought a Remington 22-250 for predators and shot these rabbits while out one day. After seeing what it did to these bunnies I decided not to use it anymore for anything I wanted to keep the fur on. I recently bought a Remington AR style VTR .223 and plan on trying that with some FMJ bullets. Hope to get a chance to try it out before the season closes.

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            I had a 22-250 but sold it in favor of a 243 due to greater bullet weight options. Go down to 60 grains or less for varmints and 100 or more for caribou, sheep, moose, and black bears.


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              Here's a thread with a lot of advice on the subject, pretty close to what you are considering,


              Ended up going .243, after really considering all that these guys had to say, Fun Decision for ya, Go Get 'Em

              ps: these forums are pretty darn valuable sometimes, sure helped me out on this one
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                I won't argue against the .243 it is a great round. That said everyone should own at least one .223! They will kill any animal listed in the trapping regs and do it very economically. It's nice to go to the range and put 60 rounds down the tube with out breaking the bank, and like anything the more you do it the better you get.


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                  Originally posted by LuJon View Post
                  I won't argue against the .243 it is a great round. That said everyone should own at least one .223!.
                  Yeah I gotta admit, after rereading some of the advice/info given on that thread I just linked to above,
                  I am still thinking "Ok, I guess gotta own at least one .223 !!"

                  Really, I've never had one, and the arguments that 1 Cor 15, makes for this caliber are pretty convincing. Richardson, Barringer and others had good experience offered
                  So, my next purchase may well be a .223 Varmint/Plinking Specialist of some sort or other

                  kinda wishin' that we had Prairie Dogs somewhere around.
                  (really, have you guys ever seen those fields full of 'em? just looks like some fun, eliminating said problem, well until you realize how hard it is to eliminate I guess)

                  So, for your thread Joe, hope you look at that link, there's good info on the comparison of .22-250 to .223 that sure schooled me some.

                  Are you reloading Joe ? "Reloading Yet," may be more like it :whistle:
                  Ten Hours in that little raft off the AK peninsula, blowin' NW 60, in November.... "the Power of Life and Death is in the Tongue," and Yes, God is Good !


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                    My personal favorite is the 25-06...very versatile cartridge and can be hand loaded for every ocassion.
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                      K-Rain: A man could have a whole lot of fun with a .223 shooting those little "snow balls" that were awful thick in the high alpine valleys of your little rock in the pond on my last visit.

                      with 1/2 moa accruacy 200 yard shots on ptarmigan would have me grinning ear to ear. Add to that the delightful "poof" of feathers what's not to love? I wonder if my springer would do 200 yard retrieves...


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                        well i am more looking in to haveing a gun that will do the job on all your winter preds and do it eficently with small holes in the hides. im now realy on the 223 band wagon. seeing that its way more likely to call in a coyote, lynx or fox than a wolf i realy like the 223 for this. now by no means am i very expereinced at predator hunting, ive only called in 3 critters and only killed 2 of the three. one of the critters i killed was a coyote shot with a 223 that i borrowed. i was realy impressed with its killing power and how it didnt blow up the hide.

                        thanks for the imput guys,
                        i think im going with the 223.
                        “We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.” - (Aldo Leopold)


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                          I just got my new 223 a few days ago, and am going to give coyotes a run this spring break..

                          I still love my 22 mag, awesome power and accuracy..

                          I'll put up a pic of the 223 tomommorow joefish


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                            Here in Bristol Bay, I would guess that 95% of wolf hunters carry the .223 in an AR style or Mini 14. They are compact and the AR's shoot great. The Mini 14's have improved and are still popular in this area due to the price. But, most guys hunt wolves off of snow machines and the shot a lot of the time is a Texas heart shot at 50 to 200 yards with a ten to thirty round magazine. And, in my experience a .223 can be purchased almost anywhere in Alaska. I have found that shooting Foxes with .223 destroys the hide and I avoid it. Don't know too many that use calls or callers for wolves due to the the huge country, may take weeks to see a wolf when stationary, unless there is good sign nearby. A nice AR would be a good all around rifle for wolves, coyotes, wolverines, etc. and they come in different barrel sizes for what application you will be needing. Plus, ARs make excellent home defense guns and they look real cool. I have the Colt M-4 and my main wolf hunting rifle is a newer style Mini-14 with a low powered scope and a tactical sling. A shotgun with 00 buckshot will put a hurtin on the wolves also, if not too close. If I were to be stationary and intended to shoot a critter at a distance, I would like to have a .243, plus the kids and wife could use it on moose or caribou.


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                              Steve what bullet where you using on those hares? I have harvest a lot of critters with my 22-250 and bullet choice is a huge deal. A soft point out of that thing will just about make itty bitty peices out of smaller favors but a 52 grain up from Speer does not do to much damage. I am not saying a 22-250 is a rabbit run but it will work most are dime shot accurate at 100 yards. From what I have shot. 243 is amgood all around gun from deer to yotes with the right bullet and reloading just cost more to reload and not as friendly on pelts of smaller game. The 223 is a great all around round and yes everyone should have at least one. To me it boils down to what can you afford and what you expect it to do. If you hunt more larger preformed and deer sized game lean toward the 243 if you lean to more med to large game at long distance 22-250 and small to med at average distances 223. If just fox 22mag or 17 Hmr Or one of each lol one can never have to many tools in the shed!


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