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    Ok guys here goes.. im in the air force and will be in anchorage for the next 3 years. I should arrive in anchorage around the end of the month. I am from ks, and cut my teeth calling coyotes an cats and ducks an geese there. I have all my own stuff, guns ammo, calls, etc.... my questions is would anyone be interested in hooking up an showing me the ropes when I get up north. I have references available and am more than willing to pull my own weight.
    Just thought I might find a few people with similar interests who would give the new guy in town a chance. Im in arkansas now and have made some very good friends in sticks down may be ol flatlanders can shoot..well sometimes!!
    Feel free to give me a shout, thanks for looking.

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    give me a shout when you get here and ill show you some awesome rabbit/grouse hunting spots..

    and ill show you a few of my old calling spots you can call also


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      Let me know if you plan on coming down to the the Kenai to have a look around (send a PM) and we can hook up. If you've called in coyotes in Kansas you shouldn't have any trouble calling in predators here. You'll just have to be patient as our critters are more spread out so the action may be a little slower than you are used to. The upside is variety. You could call in coyote, wolf, lynx, maybe even a wolverine and maybe... just maybe a black bear. I personally carry a 454 Casull along with the varmint gun because there is also a chance of calling in a brown bear... I've heard of this happening in the middle of winter. Not to try and scare you, I bet most varmint callers will never have the last thing come in to a call in the dead of winter but still, I take precautions. Plus the 454 doubles as a little critter getter (survival gun) with 45 Colt birdshot.

      Lots of military folks that get stationed here end up staying. Welcome and thanks for your service.


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        Thanks for the replys fella's. I will definitely give ya a shout when I get in.


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