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    Hello, I am from Washington State. We got over run with liberal bunnie huggers over the years and they stopped trapping with leg hold or coni bare or snares years past. The only trap available now are cages. I do real well with them for the cats.
    My question is as follows. Since the ban most trappers here just gave up. It has been good for me due to the fact that I never run into another person on the line and the area I trap critters are booming in populations. Over the past couple seaons the Marten population has exploded. Their tracks are every where I look while seaching out new ground. I have built some cages specific for the Marten. What do I use for a bait? I trap my cats using home made bait with beaver meat tainted and Nelson Formula solution plus some extras. Skunky stuff basically. Will this work or should I use something else?
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    martain bait

    your beaver meat will work fine. use some "sable oil" as a lure.(nelson formula)


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      Jam is supposed to also be attractive to marten. There is a recent post on trapperman about a guy using cages for marten in Colo(they have the same bunny huggers there). Looked like the guy is using the old havahart cages.
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        Thanks for the replies guys, I hope to have some photos for you all with my results. I wont be chasing them until the end of February though, my bobcats are paying the gas bill much better:0) But our season ends at the end of March, and as long as the fur is still good, I will be chasing them. We prime up here alot later than you guys do.
        Take a youngster out when you go, it will change his/her life forever!!


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          Fish heads

          Ive had good luck using fish heads as bait and Cavens Gusto for lure, been working okay for me.

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            Marten aren't real particular about bait or lures but seem to have different preferences in different areas, you'll have to experiment. I would think marten would be pretty easy to catch in cages, they readily go into boxes. The only problem would be cost or time to build enough traps for a good line, but at $75 average you could pay for them quickly. Good luck.


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              Beaver and skunk all the way

              I have friends that trap lots of marten and have done a little myself and here in maine they all swear by a piece of beaver, front leg works great, inside the cage and skunk scent mixed with petroleum. I gob of skunk on a tree five feet above the trap and maybe about an ounce of fish oil squirted around the ground. Thats the best bait you can get hands down.


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                HI, beaver meat thumbs up for me, also in winter take frozen beaver fat and rub on bark of tree you,ll be amazed .castors is a great lure also, dry them for ayear or so grind them up into apowder and mix with some liquid that dosent frezze , i use gin , glycerene, you can always find some thing at your local trapping store. experement with different liquids. thanks


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