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Southcentral Trappers meeting??? Palmer??

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  • Southcentral Trappers meeting??? Palmer??

    I talked to a gentleman at the meeting about the Knik River Public Use Area meeting and found out about a trappers meeting monthly in Palmer. I lost the guys name and where and what time the meetings were. Can someone help me out. I thought they were on the first Tuesday of the month at the library and want to know if it will be on this coming tuesday and make sure where it is. Thanks Jon
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    You might check with the fur shops in anch., like Alaska Fur Exchange.
    There is a guy in Wasilla who is an agent for a large fur auction company. I bet he knows about trappers assoc. His name is Bob Green.
    ADF&G might also know.
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      Does Bob Green own the business Fort Green? Sells Alaska stuff and trapping stuff? If so, a good guy to deal with. Bought some lures and snares from him.


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        yep , thats the same guy Matt. He has lots of good trapping stuff down stairs


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          Alaska Range Trapping Supply

          Hey Guys
          Alaska Range Trapping Supply is off of the Palmer Wasilla Hwy, 3.2 miles from Wasilla. It's a log cabin with a green roof. The Sign says Fort Green.
          The owner of the trapping supply is Bob Green and his number is 907-376-5873. He is the fur receiving agent for the North American Fur Auction, which is the largest fur auction in the world. He has been in business for over 20 years and is the main supplier of your trapping needs for the south Central area. The trappers association meets at the Palmer library every month on the first Tuesday of the month.The name of the association is Alaska Frontiers Trappers Assoc.


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