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Puttin' old traps back in service...?

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  • Puttin' old traps back in service...?

    I've got a pile of traps that have been in storage for about four to five years, last place they got some action was kodiak, so i sprayed with down with some wd40 when i get back to help combat the kodiak salt effect, we'll i've dug them out and am wirebrushing them down.
    question is, will boiling these things take the oil off? should i boil them several times? maybe with soap once? and then with some spruce needles?
    any tips on cleaning these things back up before the hit the trail again?
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    You have to love what saltwater and sea air does to those metal traps. If they have rusted bad the best way I have found to deal with them is to wire brush them, then die and wax, or speed dip. You do need a bit of rust on them to get the die to stick well also. What I did this year was wire brushed some traps then let them get a thin coat of rust, then prepped them as usual.


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      Try soaking in diluted muriatic acid. Should take care of the rust and oil. Might take a few days to work.
      When removed from the acid, the traps will begin rusting again fairly quickly so they need some sort of treatment. Boiling in spruce bows will help I think. The black and brown speed dips are good too.
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        thanks guys, i have a wire wheel on my drill that cleans them up pretty good but leaves them ruff textured so i think speed dip or wax should hold pretty well.
        ya salt waters great...geez. a sea lion farts on your trap and its rusted shut.
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