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low life person stealing kids snares

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  • low life person stealing kids snares

    I took my son out on Sat. to set a bunch of rabbit snares. He decided a few weeks ago this was gonna be a good spot when we were out there. I new I was in a hunted area so we went into the thick stuff. Today 6 snares still there. Six were gone. These six had hookups you could tell by the thrashing the brush took and the wear marks where they were tied up at. My son acted like it was no big deal and he would just find another spot. About five miles down the road he turned and said "that really sucks, I knew last night we had something". Someone obviously had their leatherman on them because you could see where the wires were cut at. We actually found one of the remaining parts in the trail. I say trail, as of last night it was two sets of tracks now it's a trail. I found the spot where the other persons tracks intersected ours and followed them back to a parking area and main trail. I hope someone feels good stealing from an 11 year old. I know I should have stayed away from people, but we hunt that area w/ guns for bunnies and only our tracks are ever in the thick stuff. This was where he thought he was gonna clean up on rabbits so I didn't discourage that area. He just wanted an area where he was doing his own thing away from mine and close enough that I could run him down there whenever he thought he might have something. He did get a muskrat 2 weks ago there. I hope some of you other guys taking your kids don't run into this. It makes it easier to trap and hunt close by with your kids, but unfortunately this is what we get to deal with. We finished the day setting a bunch of fox and mink sets in our other area alot farther out.
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    that does suck. sorry your kid had to experience that. maybe you need to put up some larger foot traps near your snare line?


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      Get a Game cam.

      Get a game camera and set it in the brush overlooking a snare or 2. Be sure to turn the flash off. Then check it if you lose a snare.

      I am not sure up here about the trapping laws yet. But most states have laws about people messing with your traps, and taking your catch. I would check it out.

      Hope this helps you and your son. Tell him good job on the rest.



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        Trap tampering

        Trap tampering is a crime. Try to catch them.
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          Yes, Alaska has some very good laws concerning harassment of hunters, fishermen and trappers. I have seen people prosocuted before on the issue.

          Sad, but there are those uneducated people out there that do not understand what the out-of-doors is all about.

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