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Some Beaver skinning pics

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  • Some Beaver skinning pics

    Thought I would share some pics of my skinning horse or gambrel or what ever you might call it. It sure is nice for beaver. I clean skin one in an hour and thsi sure is easier on the back.

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    really nice

    That is nice when you can do a neat and clean job of it. I am always humped over doing my skin work, and like you said its hard on the back.
    that unit is made of Oak, and looks like a piece of high grade furniture
    pretty fancy..
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      Looks like you know what your doing. That beaver looks prime, nice and white/pink on the skin side.
      Canoe is right, high grade furniture type skinning stand. I've made those before, tho not so fancy.
      Ever try rough skinning and fleshing?
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        I hate fleshing

        I am sure some guys are faster at it, but I have never been able to hold the skin snug on anything. I pull cased skinned critters over a board to flesh and am not to bad at them. Can you rough skin and flesh one in something less than an hour.


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          How much did that beaver weigh?


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            35 pounder

            I have caught three this year all right around 35 pounds.


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              What I have done back in NY was to skin beaver cased, do the belly cut only part way up and then case skin the rest. They go right over the fleshing beam nice. Still a pain with the grissle on the back though. Still getting settled here and look forward to getting out next year.


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                trapperbob, that is the same set up I use, have you tried the gasket knife instead? It is shown in the furhandlers video from the state I believe.

                MT, is it faster to rough skin and flesh? and does the fleshing damage the guard hair when on the beam? A skin sewer down here preferred the beaver I had done with the gasket knife to some that had been fleshed on a beam because the fur side looked much better, but perhaps the trapper had done something wrong, and it was not the method.


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                  What is faster is what your used to..........unless you learn and get good at another way. I clean skin, and an hour or more is what it takes me to skin large beaver.
                  I watched a demo at the NTA convention a couple years ago, and this guy could flesh pretty fast. He used a large 2 handled fleshing knife and kept it sharp. I've never done beaver that way, but I have read of some that do. They can get it done pretty fast.
                  I can't help being a lazy, dumb, weekend warrior.......I have a JOB!
                  I have less friends now!!


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