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  • Marten snaring

    Anyone have any luck snaring marten? If anyone has, would they mind sharing some tips? I trap in the interior near Fairbanks on snowshoes and I was hoping to extend my line this year. I've done fairly well with both leghold and conibears, but I can only carry just so much weight.

    Any info is much appreciated.

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    Get a sled

    I used to pull a sled when setting out the line on snowshoes. You only have to haul all those traps when you are setting out and picking up. Also, don't use boxes...they take up too much room when trapping on showshoes.

    I have heard of people catching marten with snares on poles. I think I've seen some photos of them. A pole between two trees with bait in the middle. Then about two snares on each side of the bait. I suppose I would make the snare about 4" and the bottom of it about 2 1/2 inches from the pole. You are gong to have trouble if it snows though. Maybe put another pole above it to protect from the snow?
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      Interesting idea, Marty, the pole above the pole. Never thought about it, but it makes sense.
      I tried snares one year. Just a few. Only thing I caught was gray jay. Seen pics of others catches tho. The idea is sound, especially on a pole set. You can get snares, or snare wire, made of 1/32nd 1x19 cable. I had some and tried them. I think I had the loop just under 4 in. and about an inch and a half above the pole.
      I like marty's pole between 2 trees. Use spruce boughs to hide the bait and hopefully keep the camp robbers from finding the set.
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        how bout this idea for snaring marten...

        what if you put your lean log on a tree like normal...then attach two sticks 12 in long each to the sides of teh lean log, hitting it perpendicular....attach them to each side with two nails...

        then, you have apprx. 7 in sticking up above your lean log on both sides....then it is easy to attach a snare to when the marten walks up teh log and between teh two sticks, he gets caught in the snaree instead of a 1.5 or going through a conibear.....

        ever put a snare on the inside of your coffee can or mail box? seems less intrusive than a coni?...
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          I think the snare idea is great for guys who might be on foot. I like the boxes and coni's. Most of the time marten are "aggressive" and don't mind the conibear. If they are hesitant, then a guy could go with a pan on the trigger to make the opening more appealing.


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            snaring marten

            just staple a support wire to the lean log and bend it so the snare hangs in the middle of the log, thats it...........takes just a few minutes.
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              I actually had some success last year trying some different methods and posted some photos in another thread. I'll try to post a couple more once I remember how to embed the jpegs in the thread.


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                success photo


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                  was there much fur damage?

                  pretty cool!...was there much fur damage?

                  did you use like a #9 wire?
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                    Hope you don't mind an outsider posting a reply... My grandfater showed me how to set a pole up for marten and fisher a long time ago, we cant use them (snares above the ice) here in maine so I have neaver set them out I will try and describe how its done, useing a trigger wire.

                    set up a running pole, not to steep of an angle and cut a stick of fire wood (this is for a weight) wire your snare to the weight. drive a staple into the side of the running pole, with your snare in it, not all the way the snare needs to slide through it. take a stiff wire like a coat hanger size and wire that to your weight bend this wire so that it sets between the snare and your bait supportting the weight,this is a trigger, it needs to slip off the pole fairly easy, I rember him saying to set it at an angle so they push by, (this was bent up in kind of a side ways u) when it dose slide off, it will close the snare around the marten. when my grandfater showed me this he used wire that came off the end of a broom, so it was not cable, cable will need some support I am sure.

                    I could set one up and take a pic for you if my directions are not clear.-steve


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                      I'd like to see some pictures I've been experimenting with marten snares for several years but haven't come up with a practical system.


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                        marten snare

                        3rd time trying to put pic up hope it works... someone tell me how this is spose to be done?

                        as I wrote before (if it got posted) I used a 7x7 3/32 snare made for beaver, I would use a smaller one for marten, I spaced the bait / snare more to show what I had done/pic, I would have it closer if setting this out for real, your going to get a fair amount of body catches, and with that some snare marks, I'am sure. the size of the loop is not as critacal because the wt closes it, if you use a support wire keep it close to the lock and it sould not be a problem, I also would have had a pole running by the tree, and far enough out so a marten would not jump out onto the bait, but this was just a quick way to show. let me know if you try it, like to see some catches. If you can't open the pic drop me a email and I will draw a diagram, and send some more pic- steve
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                          2 things that don't show well in the pic

                          make a dubble bend in trigger wire, dont want it to slid the wrong way, it has a bend in bottom that holds the wt on to top of pole, bend in side so that it cannot slide off the wrong side of pole.
                          the snare is wired to one end of wieght/ stick of fire wood, trigger wire to the other end


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                            Birch, that's cool. That would be a good set for Wolverine as well. Maybe lynx too. The only problem is body catches. If you had the bait and snare closer together like you mentioned you might eliminate a lot of the body catches.
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