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  • Kodiak

    Does anyone know what the trapping is like in the Kodiak? My job search in Alaska is revolving around what the hunting and trapping is like. Not really but I might have a job prospect there.

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    Trapping In Kodiak

    Well, I may not be the best person to answer this as I am a beginning trapper, but I can answer a few general questions. You have fox, river otter, and beaver on island. Maybe more, but that is all I generally hear about. There are several trappers on island, areas close to town seem to be trapped pretty hard. I spent a lot on gas last year trying to get a little farther out away from everyone. I really enjoyed being out, it taught me an awful lot about the island by being out there. Great experience.


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      trapped in kodiak for about two weeks once near the north end of the island, fox trapping is probably some of the best in the state, got alot fo silver fox and cross there as well. climate is mild so traps are freezing solid every night, lots of otter as well. big beavers if you want to mess with them, but i shot most of my beavers, as the water wasn't frozen up in november. but the fox trapping is worth it for me. i ran a little over a dozen traps and in ten days took 15 fox. herring for bait and ran mostly dirt hole sets along old salmon streams where the fox scrounge for scraps.
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