wolf rub?/mange/lice?



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  • wolf rub?/mange/lice?

    Anybody know the cause of this rub/mange spot?
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    I can't say, based just on the picture (I'd need to handle the animal), but if you're in Sitka as per your username, it probably isn't lice. I hope it isn't lice. It being lice in the Sitka area would be a very, very bad thing. The data I've seen (Still unpublished) suggests that it hasn't got to that area yet.

    I don't know who's the vet for your area's office. Maybe ask the ADF&G folk when you get it CITES sealed. I do know that lice is easy to overlook if you're not trained to look for it.


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      I can't say based off of the picture, but I showed them to a co-worker who is more savvy about theses issues (she studies the invading lice infestation in alaska wolves - wolflice aren't native to the state). After giving what you posed a through look over, she told me it was suggestive of lice, but she couldn't rule out it was a rub. She strongly encourages you to take it into your ADF&G office and let them look at it. If it's louse damaged, she'd possibly be interested in buying it off of you.


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        looks like lice to me, caswell area?


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          Thanks for the advice, I did bring it to the Juneau area office, hopefully not lice..the wolf came from the Chilkat penninsula area. There is also something called follicular dysplasia that can cause hair loss in wolves. I'll post when I hear.


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            The wolves in the Interior have lice. During the Knowls reign he stopped all predator shooting from Airplanes. They took Defenders Of Wildlife's suggestion and transplanted a bunch of wolves from the 40 mile area to the Kenai. The Wolves on the Kenai have been infested with lice and mange (Spread from domestic dogs) since the 70s. Once there the 40 mile wolves were infested. Then they headed back home. Many made it back to the 40 mile, infesting all the Wolves they came in contact with along the way. I have seen some of the Wolves trapped in unit 20-A and they are not worth skinning.
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