A Snare or Two For a Survival Kit, Post Your Ideas.



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  • Rickf
    Snares are so light weight, I would include 50 of them, at least, if not more, along with the knowledge on how to use them.

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  • aktrouttamer
    Small bunny snare

    I would go with a small 1/16th cable and a micro lock, no more than two feet long with a loop on one end. Or you can just put some picture hanging wire in there and fasion your own in the feild. Anybody ever watch Man vs. Wild...great show!

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  • A Snare or Two For a Survival Kit, Post Your Ideas.

    Hello Folks,
    I'm putting together an extensive little survival kit that is both compact and easily stowed in a pack or a snow machine. I had a realization that man is nothing without tools. My list of survival gear in this kit has been extensive and well thought out and purposely purchased to be compact. In my bout of brainstrorming I thought.......what survival kit would be complete without a snare or two? They are small, light, and flexible. They are highly effective when used properly and could probably save your life. If any one here has some constructive techniques, pictures or a stories to share, please share your knowledge because I have no experience with the use of snares. I've also included a tiny little north american arms 22 mag pistol in this kit too. The little bugger seems to hit what you aim at, and with 50 rounds of soft points you dont even know its there in the kit. Here is the basis of my kit :

    Somthing to make fire
    A compact pistol for food/protection
    A means to catch fish
    Emergency Warmth
    First Aid
    Navigational Tools
    Muli tool
    Tools For shelter
    Material For shelter construction
    Tool sharpener
    Small Bottle CLP (for gun)
    mini ax/knife
    Spider Wire (extremely strong string)
    water purification

    Everything was purchased with the mindset of buying the smallest tool possible. All of this stuff has a total weight of 3.5 lbs.

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