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  • End of season re cap...

    Had a great season with some highs and some lows but all in all a great year. This year was different as my cabin is finally finished enough to hold heat to be able to trap out of. Though my line is in a different area as in the past, it is still with in the same unit. I started out the season plotting a nice 20 mile loop from my cabin and ended up with 14 HARD miles that WILL be adjusted next season, mainly getting off some of the water way(can we say "over flow") and getting up into some higher country to target marten and wolves. I had goals (hopes) before the season started and wouldn't you know it, I had exact opposite results then I expected. I had a record year on cats but a record low on marten. The few wolves I had only came thru twice(sorry Takotna) due to the airplane shooters but I'll take that any day as I have seen with my own two eyes that the moose are comming back strong. Anyway, hope everyone had a fun year as we all know fur prices tanked. I'll start out my pics with the most important part of my season, it's when my dad came with me on the line after a short 30 year break for him. Sorry about the repeat pics posted earlier in the season...
    My WARM cabin.

    My dad.

    A beautiful cross.

    Some cat pics.

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      Nice dark one.

      Another fish eater.

      One of two of the METRIC TONS of rabbits caught by the face.


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        Great pics!

        Great pics! Especially that second to last cat one. Yeah, prices weren't as good as most folks hoped, but given the economy, 'could be worse, eh? Still reasonable prices on the cats, anyhow.


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          Great photos and summary of your season, enjoyed the photos lots.


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            Nice pics, I always enjoy the ones with the link in them. Does that one have its front leg tucked away or is it lacking?


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              Awesome pictures Steve, thanks for sharing. I really like the picture where you are pointing at the lynx, that's cool. Think we'll see a pic of you snuffing out a wolverine with a paper bag any time soon?

              I caught a ton of rabbits myself this year. The oddest catch was were an mb750 caught the critter around it's body and it tried to hop off with that heavy trap. lol

              I like the food storage bag idea. But in my area, where it isn't extremely cold, the bag does not shatter and gets caught up in every moving part of the trap when it fires. It makes for an awful mess.


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                WG- I am going to try something different next year. At wolf school one of the instuctors uses nylon screen mesh cut out in the shape of his wolf traps (#9's). I don't cover most of my cats sets but think it would great for trail sets.


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