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  • wolverine

    No more wolverine trapping in the Chugach park says BOG.

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    Did anyone hear Rick Sinnott's testimony regarding this issue? Could we get a recap or something on what he said and his data?
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      The decision was more politically based than data based. Squeaky wheels got oiled. (Antis)


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        from KTUU website

        here is the story on

        by Rebecca Palsha
        Tuesday, March 3, 2009

        ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- The state Board of Game has reversed a controversial decision from two years ago on Tuesday, halting the trapping of wolverines in Chugach State Park.
        The Department of Fish and Game laid out the concerns over the policy: Only about 20 wolverines roam Chugach, and those numbers are shrinking.
        "Our concern was that the trapping level in the park was being maintained primarily by wolverines ... in this unit, and they were going to possibly be over-harvesting very soon, if not already," state biologist Rick Sinnott said.
        So the board voted unanimously to do away with the practice -- although they seemed hesitant to do so.
        "I think this issue was blown completely out of proportion," Board of Game member Bob Bell said. "What we're doing here is basically solving a problem that shouldn't have been a problem in the first place."
        Fish and Game says on average about four wolverines are trapped a year -- too many for the animal to keep its population at a sustainable level.
        "With more trapping pressure, more wolverines trapped in western Prince William Sound and on the Kenai, near our area, we just felt a lot of those wolverines were possibly being short-stopped and that we'd see some serious population effects," Sinnott said.
        The board can revisit the issue again in two years. The decision does not prohibit all trapping in the park -- people can still trap lynx and other small animals, but the traps have to be smaller and not instant-kill traps.
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