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  • What fur?

    I did not want to hijack the earlier thread on beaver hats...

    What's your opinion on which fur for a hat?

    Is it just color and style? Availability thus price? Durability, warmth etc...

    Are there real differences in the fur or is it personal taste?


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    I think its all in what you like. Here is my husbands wolverine hat that I had made for our anniversary. Rick Ellis' wife made it for us. It looks much better on hubby's head. He had the feet put on back instead of the tail for something unique.

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      Personal taste is impotant but also where in the state you live. In warmer areas like SW where we are prone to get some rain during the winter and seldome see actual temps below -30 but more often run in the +20 to minus 20 range. Beaver and seal or land otter and seal work well and are very popular. In colder climates like the interior you will find the long hairs do well but are not as durable as an all beaver and all beaver is heavy and warm. In many ways it is really hard to beat an all beaver hat for warmth and the ability to shed water on wet days. They are not as fancy looking but are good utiity hats.
      Then you have the fancy mountain man ones with tails and full faces feet dangeling down the side. Those IMO are a PIA due to the extra junk on them.
      The ones like huntress has pictured above falls under a nice funtional yet decorative hat and I like it. It looks nice the feet are neat I have only seen one other wolverine hat with the feet and it had the tail as well the feet where one the sides the tail down the middel my wife made it special order for a guy.
      All wolf, yote, fox and all wolverine hats are very warm but in wet weather they tend to get really wet and sometimes smell . They all also tend to make a guy look like he has Tina Turner hair
      My new hat being made this summer during her slow season will be wolverine with the inside of the ear flaps sea otter. It will be for the extreme cold and dry days. I will stick with my seal and beaver for the wet and warm days above
      -20. People tend to buy what they want and like more than anything for some price is not a factor for others it is as fur hats can range from $150-$500 depending on who is making it howit is made what fur is used and all that.
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        Just preference like said above. Mine is seal and otter that my mom made for me, she made some for the whole family in fact. Combos of beaver and seal also, all beaver, all otter. She also made one out of wolverine(sold that one for $550), and one from all lynx which looked very nice(gave that one away). She has satisfied customers all over Alaska and across the country from Washington state to Pennsylvania. Can't hardly wear mine unless the temps are below 0 as it is warm.
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