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Fair chase?

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  • Fair chase?

    Do you consider trapping fair chase?

    If you think baiting and trapping a small animal is fair chase, would it also be fair chase to bait and trap a large animal?

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    fair chase

    Anyone whose spent the amount of time that it takes to run a sucessful line knows its definatly fair chase. Hillbilly


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      I don't believe in fairchase I hunt to eat!


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        Fair Chase

        The state of Maine considers it "fair chase" for black bears. Is that the kind of thing you're talking about or just large furbearers in general?


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          There's really nothing fair about it, the critters have fantastic senses, and that gives them the advantage, it's only hard work and attention to detail that gives trappers a fighting chance.


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            I have never thought that it was about fair chase. It is about harvesting resources.
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              As a new trapper I can tell you it is fair chase and alot of work to do it right.If you mean bears and shuch I think you can do that in AK maybe not trap them but you can hunt them right?Or are you talking about wolfs?Alot of people hunt and trap for the meat or furs.


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                Originally posted by Rutting Moose View Post
                Do you consider trapping fair chase?

                If you think baiting and trapping a small animal is fair chase, would it also be fair chase to bait and trap a large animal?
                I'm not sure I understand the question entirely. Trapping is generally viewed as an entirely different activity than hunting with its own code of ethics seperate from hunting- see the sticky "Trappers Code of Ethics" at top of page.

                Fair chase rules as defined by Boone and Crockett (who started the idea) apply solely to big game trophy hunting and specifically disallow the use of traps (article VI?) in its bylaws.

                Maybe I don't understand the question but I'm not sure you can really mix and match rules or ethical considerations for the two activities. Maybe that's why the state manages the rules for the two seperately.
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                  i think as long as the critter large or small is not confined to a certian area say 100 ares with 20 foot fences then it is fair chase the critter has a choice using a bear for example he/she can go to your bait or to some other food source it is fair you have not removed the bears power to choose


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                    Trapping with bait Vs. hunting over bait

                    I`ve trapped and hunted for most of my sixty years and would like to give my opinion. Getting an animal to come into a baited set is truly a challenge and a sport. It requires knowing an animals habits and taking extreme care to do everything you can to "outfox" your intended quarry. On the other hand baiting a bear requires very little skill and should NOT be considered hunting but should be only seen as shooting. I have personally killed 15 black bears while hunting and NONE of them over bait. Granted I spend a lot of time in the woods but I would rather have no bear kills than to bait one in. I suppose if I was crippled or in my eighties and had never killed a bear I might have a different view. I`m not an Alaskan resident but I have been up there to get a nice Dall and a goat and I hope to go up again to try and get a grizzly but I guarantee it won`t be killed over a baitpile!!


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                      trapping is trapping.

                      hunting is hunting

                      and fishing in fishing...

                      catching bears in buckets with snares. is not hunting it is trapping. trapping is designed with catching and killing with limited potential for release of the captured animal..

                      hunting is a selected process that allows some to walk and some to not.. we make our choices on the animals we harvest. trappers typically have to harvest what they have caught. Trapping is a means of predator control and ability to catch and harvest things that are not typically seen by the hunter with a greater proficiency then would be if otherwise available.

                      as for baiting bears and hunting them over bait. .. not all bears are shot. and the hunter is given the choice to pick the ones they want. however was that bear in a snare or trap the hunter would be required to take it to prevent the slow withering death it would suffer.

                      the two actives have similar goals in harvesting an animal for consumption or other... and that is were the similarity's end. IMO.
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                        All "A+++"

                        I would like to thank you all for answering my questions. When I ask myself the question I could not come up with a answer. I assume I would get one good answer by posting the question to my surprise you all get an A++.

                        The reason for the question is at the F&G board meeting one of the reasons given for not trapping bears was it was “not fair chase”.

                        The only time fair chase should apply is if the person is “trophy hunting”. Trapping bears is not trophy hunting.


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