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Another Homer yote

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  • Another Homer yote

    Decided that I'd give it another try before flying out to Mexico. My Chessie and I got down close to where our favorite coyote spot is and we heard a deep howl which almost sounded like a wolf. After finding a good hiding spot we called this male yote in. After the shot, the valley became alive with coyotes barking and howling. I had one just above me that really sounded mad with its quick barks and howls but we never caught sight of it. I must have shot its buddy.

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    Awsome! Way to go.


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      More details please

      How far was the shot, what did you call him in with, and what did you shoot it with. and Congrats on another nice yote


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        Awesome...........Did your Chessie retrieve it for you? 2 good looking dogs.



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          I'm using custom made mouth calls purchased on the Predatormasters website. I shot this one at about 20 yards with a .22-.250. When I first started using my dogs to hunt with, I was a little worried that they would scare the coyotes/wolfs. Now I'd have a hard time not using them (My male Chessie has been retired due to age). I find myself watching them because they'll hear noises long before I hear it. If they start staring in one direction with their ears up, something is on the move. Last year I called in a lone wolf that I never saw until the dogs stood up and started growling. It got to within about 10 feet from me but the dogs saved me. Now it's hanging on the wall.


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            It's the start of breeding season and they are pairing up. The mate was probably looking for his now missing partner. Looks like a female you have there? Nice one.


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