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  • Looking for furs

    Hi guy's.............and gal's!

    I don't think I've ever posted on the trapping forum but I guess there is a first time for everything!
    I have a simple question/request...
    I looking to purchase some furs...
    Actually it is my sister who wants the furs for a sewing project.
    She is currently in the Military (Reserves) and is at Ft. Wainwright. She was deployed there over a year ago.
    So if there are any trappers out there wanting to ply their trade and sell some furs I would appreciate hearing from you guys!
    I will get more specific on what she is looking for later.

    Thanks ya'll

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    Hey Reub,

    Tanned or raw furs? Don't have much now but should later on as winter progresses. Hope things are going well there.
    Best, Mark
    Mark Richards


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      sent you a pm.
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        I have a few tanned marten furs left over from last seaon that are just taking up space. They were tanned this summer by Moyle tannery. $50 apiece if interested. Located in Anchorage.


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          Beaver furs

          I am also looking for a couple of beaver pelts. Anyone out there have 2 small/medium or 1 XL for sale or trade? I am also looking for any books or videos on trapping.
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            Anyone have rabbit furs for sale?

            Looking for some tanned rabbit furs. Making some mitts, scarf and hat for the mrs. and lost my supplier. Can you give me an idea on the price they are going for up there?

            Is there any problems with sending them to the lower 48?

            Thanks, Joshua


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