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who makes beaver hats?

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  • who makes beaver hats?

    Anyone have a buddy, wife, father, mother, brother, sister that would make a hat out of a hide I provided? A prior coworker's wife used to do it but I lost track of him over the years. Thanks in advance.

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    My mom is an expert skind sewer and hat are her specialty. Don't know what she would charge for a pelt that is provided but it is usually in the $300 range when she has to buy the select furs herself.
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      We just had a wonderful hat made out of Wolverine and a pair of mittens out of Otter, they are both to die for! Rick Ellis's wife does fantastic work and is locall. Shoot him an email, she is also very reasonable.
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        Sent rick an email. Haven't heard back. Marv, does your mom live out your way? That may be more trouble than its worth. I guess I could mail the hide........


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          Might also be out of your way but I know a lady in fairbanks that is currently making one for me and I have seen others she has done. If you want her number just let me know.


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            Here's a link to the Trapperman forum that has a thread by Wolfwoman in Chickaloon who makes hats & mittens and such.


            Here's the link to her websight:


            She has several threads and posts on the "Tman" forums under "Wilderness Trapping And Living" subforum. Check it out it's an excellent site.


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              I make fur hats too

              Currently working on two beaver hats for another forum member, have sold some to others here too. There are some pics in the outdoors gear forum, but don't have link offhand.

              I do quality work, reasonable price. Drop me a pm if interested.
              Mark Richards


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                PM's sent

                I think I sent pm's to everyone. Thanks for all the help. I am gonna take him in to be tanned tomorrow. Thanks everyone.


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                  I have one of Bushrat's hats. The quality and workmanship is worth way more than what I paid for it.
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                    Bushrats hats are great! Warmest hat I ever owned.


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                      His Daughter makes the nicest birch bark baskets I've ever seen.
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                        I've got one of Bushrat's hats as well. Wonderful hat, nice and warm, underpriced. He doesn't charge enough for his hats.
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                          Phish, choked, and others, do you mind posting pictures of his hats? I'd be interested in maybe getting one sometime!
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                            fur hats

                            these guys also make hats I asked them last spring if I suplied the pelt would they make me a hat and they would. I cant remember the price but I think they said 125 to 150 dont quote me on that but the price is close. That price was for the trapper version. Hope this helps


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                              Hunt AK
                              Bushrat made a post on 12-17-08 on the Outdoor Gear forum showing his hats and the parts they are made up of. One of those hats is mine. I'm not sure how to make a link to that thread.


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