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    Im new to the whole predator hunting thing. Is there anywhere semi close to anchorage that i can go bag a wolf or coyote?

    maybe a stupid question, any input will help!

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    Well your pretty limited. Depends on what your definition is of "close to anchorage" is. If your talking about 14C, well thats not a lot of area out there open for hunting. Just explore it all, find the sign, and try a call out. And Im not real boned up on my predator regs anymore, but I recall chugach park is off limits to coyotes and wolves. So that eliminates more area.

    If you start moving out to 14a or down towards the pennisula that opens up more territory.

    I have tried ALOT over the years of bagging a coyote or fox. Alot of us have on this forum. My assesment is that there really isnt that many of them out there. Plus I believe they move alot. most tracks in an area seemed to have been made weeks apart. Finding a daily coyote route doesnt ever seem to happen around here. Theres a few, but, the number of hunters far outweighs the population in my opinion.

    Just keep at, youll find one eventually. When you do it will be awesome, I guarantee that!


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      Look at the trapping regs also, and buy yourself a trapping liscense that opens alot of the areas up for you to trap with you gun


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        There are a lot of predator "hunters" but not a lot of predator "killers" around. It takes lots of scouting, walking, and calling to find good areas to hunt. Those of us who have good areas don't talk much. Your best bet is to get out and beat around the brush until you find the dogs. Go out in the evenings, listen for howls and look for tracks. I go out about 2-3 times per week and I manage to call in half a dozen coyotes per year and got my first wolf last spring. Good luck.


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