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    Hi all you predator hunter I'm new to all this so I have been watching a few predator hunting videos. One of the first things I noticed was it seems these guys are useing some very powerful rifles. They seem to be blowing some huge holes on the back side of the critter. I myself am interested in collecting some furs for personal use with out the huge holes. I ordered a 221 fireball should be in in a few days. I was wondering if that would also blow them up? I reload and was wondering if I just loaded for lower speed would that help avoid the large exit holes.
    I'm also looking at ordering a nite stalker caller anyone here use it. I had to laugh as I was on the computer on there site playing some of the calls. I turned on the bob cat distress call it drove my daughters cat crazy trying to dig under my laptop looking for that cat Well thanks for any info you all can share.
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    Did see a video clip of a bunny getting hit by a 20 cal. looked like a 20MM hit it. FMJ is what i use.


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