Sell direct to fur buyer or auction?



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  • Sell direct to fur buyer or auction?

    What is your preferred way to sell your furs? I used to sell directly to H&E Goldberg in Washington as that is who my dad used to sell to way back then. Haven't tried Arctic Raw in FBNX yet, may send some wolverine to them if possible. Heard auctions may be better, sometimes not. Time to cash in for me as the bills are due.
    Oh, have 5 wolverine, couple lynx and possibly a wolf if I decide to sell it or keep it for a few ruffs for the family. I already have 2 ruffs for my hunting jackets but another won't hurt. But my GF and parents need theirs but they already have their own designated wolves that I shot for them. Let me know, thanks in advance. And happy trapping/hunting.

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    crap shoot


    It is a crap shoot. I used to sell to Dean Wilson when he was buying, but now send everything into NAFA. I guess it is all in a roll of the dice. DON'T send your wolverine to auction. Sell them at the Fur Rendevous auction or the Alaska Trappers Assoc. auction in Fairbanks. Always a good local market for them.


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      Fur Selling

      Have to agree with 'Northway' regarding your wolverine pelts. Either the ATA auction in Fairbanks or the one in Anchorage should fetch you the best prices for your wolverine. Beaver pelts and red fox also do extremely well at the Anchorage auction. I think for Lynx pelts, you would do the best at NAFA. Good luck with the rest of your season!


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        What the heck............don't you have to contribute fur for the potlatches? The wolverines should sell locally. You must be going into the hills if you caught wolverine out of Kotlik.
        Post a pic of the wolf. But it should sell locally too!
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          Speaking of auctions..

          Can anyone tell me when the ATA auction in Fairbanks is? I probably will have to work but im loking to take a day or two off just so i can go to the auction.
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            I'm almost positive that the auction is March 21st and 22nd this year.


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