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  • Boarded Mink Pics

    Here are a few mink and one ermine w/ no tail (Whoops) that I boarded this morning. What do you think??? I try my hardest to leave the red membrane on the back but it doesn't always work in my favor so I end up fleshing it all off. Also I didn't cut inspection windows as these are for personal use, not to sell. There is two females (on larger boards than needed) and three males in the bunch. The X-large male in the middle is on a male marten board. He measures 31'' inches from nose to tail on the board. Definitely the largest mink I have ever caught. I wish I would have taken some pictures before skinning. His front canines were warn down flat like an old grizz... I left the paws on him so he can be on display in my den. Just thought you all might like to see him...
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    Nice group of furry critters! Still waiting to catch my first marten!


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      Thanks F-16,

      Hope you nail a marten soon!!!!!! You still catching some cats??? I still haven't caught one yet and the season ends at the end of this month:eek:. Lots of sign but the weather has really been slowing me down. I will be checking traps in the morning and I'm hoping to have one. This is the first time unit 7 and 15 have had a lynx season since..... I believe 2000, not positive. It's only open for the month of January so I need to catch one soon because they will probably close it next year.


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