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  • Trapping Snowmachine

    I am thinking of purchasing a snow-machine, mainly for trapping (breaking trail) or just riding trails. What would be a good one as fas as model. Most of the stuff I have seen for sale is for climbing and sucking your eyeballs to the back of your head.

    Thanks, for any help you can provide

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    A lot of guys still like the Skidoo Tundra and the Yamaha Bravo. They are light, easy on gas and pretty simple to work on. Both have that decent low end power for pulling too.


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      Thanks Kusko, Exactly what I was looking for.

      -Much appreciated


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        I have to second that opinion. In the villages they are used a lot. Light, easy on gas and hard to get stuck.

        I currently have a Skandic 440 long track. If the Bravo was being made at the time, I'd have one. Great brush machine.

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          Scandik made by SkiDoo is a bit of a beast. It will pull just about anything you put behind it. Not as good on fuel though you gotta feed it.
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            440 lt

            I like the tundra, but the 440 is also an excellent choice. the 156x15" track gets a big guy and a big load through some serious snow, going up hill.
            The 440 is reliable and easy to work on too. as far as gas consumption goes I don't believe the single carb 440 uses much more than the tundra.
            The suspensions or lack there of are basically the same. I think of the 440 Lt as a super long track Tundra. Both are great choices, but the 440 fits my needs better than the Tundra, but all of our needs are different.


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              Tundra story

              about 5 years ago I had a fellow living in my campground that was from Wyoming. Old Don was a real outdoorsman and had trapped and hunted all over the west. His recent divorce made Alaska an easy choice to start a new life. Don landed in my campground some how and we hit it off right away. He decided to stay with us for the winter and needed a better home than his tent for winter... He went over to War Bonnet construction in Kenai spur road and ordered up an Igloo made from Spray urethane Insulaton and rhino hide on the outside. he got the 12 footer with 2 windows in it and a little midget front door that was about 4 feet tall. Totally Amazing told him that you could heat it with a candle. ( Oh yeah,, I call the guy that owns War Bonnet "Totally Amazing".. If you ever meet him he says about every sentence " Totally Amazing". ie,, The round shape of an igloo is " Totally Amazing". This urethane insulation is " Totally Amazing" .. Ok you get the drift..
              So anyway.. Totally amazing is right,, you can heat this thing with a Candle. in fact a Lightbulb hung from the ceiling will drive you out of the place.. You gotta have the windows open if you use the hot plate or even run a little TV. So anyway,, Don gets settled into his Igloo for the winter stay in my RV park. He decides he is going to start trapping and wants a trapper mobile.. I suggest a Sno-go called the Tundra as the favorite for many of the Alaskan Village Trappers.
              Don gets one at the Dealer in Anchorage and brings it home on a one place trailer.
              The first skiff of snow in October and Don has drug this machine off the trailer and the cover removed. he sets the choke and gives the rope a pull. ( This is where it gets interesting)..
              It comes to life on the second pull and with extreme haste, takes off going full steam with Don hanging on to the handle bar with one hand and the pull rope handle still in the other, he is drug accross the little campground road and then T-bones a nice 8 inch Aspen... The Throttle was stuck in wide open from the linkage hanging up....
              The sudden stop sends Don into a chimpanzee roll for about 10 feet ,and then he lays flat on his back..he lays in the fresh snow as if rendered unconcious.
              The machine is bucking around still attempting to climb the Aspen and I hit the kill switch.
              When we reach Don his hands are wiggling so we know he is alive.
              The Ambulance ride to town and later that day released to our care.
              Stitches and arm brace and back pain...
              A few weeks later Don Emerges from the Igloo and I load his smashed up Tundra on the trailer. Head to Anchorage and to the Dealer.
              We are told .." To bad,, So sad.. we have no liability.."
              We leave the machine with them anyway and head home to make phone calls to Ski-doo.
              In March of the next year Ski-Doo says, " OK its our Fault, Lots of other Tundra's had the same problem that year"..
              Anyway. They fixed it up and Don has since rode the crap out of the little Sno-go... He still has it and won't part with it.
              I notice now that he does not hang on to anything when he pulls the cord now . He stands to the side and is ready to release the handle if needed...
              All I can say is .. Totally Amazing!
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                simular problem

                I had the same problem with the Scandic the first year. Twice the throttle cable broke which leaves the machine in full throttle. Very interesting when the machine in on the back of the truck. The replaced the cables for free.

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                  Tundra II on Craigslist....

                  $1,700...may be a deal.


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                    I have to go with the Yamaha Bravo.

                    There aren't many places it can't maneuver through.

                    Difficult to get stuck and if you do, it's easy to pick up and unstick. Has enough power to tow a loaded sled.

                    Easy on fuel. Easy to work on.
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                      Bravo for the Bravo

                      I bought my Bravo in 1981, when they first came out. It came to the village where I lived in a Cessna 207 (sans the skis). I had virtually no problems with it until I sold it in 1998. I had to replace the track early on, but it was a factory warranty item. Let's see... replaced the slides, seat, the windshield, brake... minor stuff. The engine started with only a few pulls EVERY fall. I used it for trapping, ptarmigan hunting, ice fishing, wood hauling, caribou hunting... you name it, and it never complained. It became my wife's machine for a few years after I moved up to an Arctic Cat, and she would routinely take it and head over to her village from Dillingham (sometimes with a sled in tow, and even a passenger) without checking fuel, oil or anything. Used to scare the heck out of me! I upgraded her to a brand new Polaris Star Lite (also a 250), but it was only half the machine the little Yammy was. The Bravo got many more years of use from my children before we sold it when we moved to the Kenai. Oh yeah, I forgot to say it was a short track!
                      I was glad to hear that they are making them again. I'd say that the only machine close to a Bravo in reliability is the old Elan, which will also fit in an airplane.


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                        I just picked up a arctic cat jag long track 440 fan. 1100 miles on it with a 2 place trailer for 1500 off craigslist. This sled is in excellent shape. 92' model with reverse. 2 up seating with a nice rack on the back, and hitch to tow. Im very excited about using it for trapping and hunting this year.


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                          So am I...

                          - Clint


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                            Sent you a pm


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                              i have trapped many years up here, i can tell you from experience you cannot beat the skandic swt for trapping period... they are hard on gas but they will haul all of your gear and you will not spend half the day digging out like those toy sleds others are advising you to buy..


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