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Tips on Snares for Fox

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  • Tips on Snares for Fox

    Does anyone have any good tips on setting up snares for fox, and or any pictures of snares that you have set up in the field.

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    I'm not a pro, having snared less than a dozen. I've caught quite a few with traps but am also trying to change to snares more.

    First, you obviously need to put the snare where the fox will likely walk. I won't go into that part unless you have questions about it.

    I make the snares about 8-nine inches in diameter and the bottom about 9-10 inches above the ground, unless it is a hard trail, then about 8 inches above.

    Try to do as little as possible to disturb the area, I usually have one or two very small twigs that I stick into the snow to hold the snare where I want it to be.

    Some of the pros use wire.

    If you search on the web, you will definetely find some good advice.
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      I snare and steel trap my fox. I don't have willows where I am so I tend to foot trap more than snare now. However snares are a better way to go I think. Alot less work in the snow than a foot trap.

      I don't really measure my loops when I do it, I just eyeball them. But I do use wire to hang the snares and guiding sticks are a good idea. I will dig around and see if I have any photos of my snares hanging.


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        Snaring fox

        You can often make your own trail to snare in. Drive a 4 wheeler or snogo thru some brush, and set snares in the track. Fox will also run rabbit trails. You can also set in your truck tire tracks if you have a field or small brush to drive thru.
        I like an 8 in. loop, 8 in. off the ground.
        You can also get the fox's curiosity up by leaving bait or lure in the area.
        For lots of online trapping info, check and the Alaska Trapping Forum.
        Here's a pic of one I got last year:
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          MT has great advice

          martentrapper gave you some great advice about the other websites to try out. There is ALOT of great info availiable there. Here is a set I made with snares on a willow bush (the only one on the island, well just about) I had the snares set on the side and right through the center with a bait pile in the middle.

          Some of the fox I got this year


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            Nice pics..

            I've seen those last few pics before somewhere...looks like you've got it down! Dang those in the front of that last pic are beautiful. Congrats man.....

            How are your fur prices for a prime speciman?


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              thanks shoot2kill I have posted them before on other sites. A prime cherry red going to the garment industry has been getting me 55. However not many are cherry red and xl, so it varies a bit.


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                Also, there is a fine line between making your loop too big or two little. If you make them too big, you'll catch them by the hips.


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                  Just a suggestion...

                  Twisted wire snares are stronger and springier, assuming good wire. You can twist them by hand (a pain) or go out and get your self a pair of aviation safety wire pilers which have a built in speed twist feature.

                  You can twist up a 5 foot two-strand snare in about a minute.
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                    Chuck the wires up in a drill motor and go to town! Just double the wire around something solid, pull it tight and twist it until you get the optimal twists per inch.

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                      easier and better

                      galvanized aircraft cable. What kind of wire are you talking about using? You are not really talking about using regular tie wire are you?


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                        I appreciate all of the replies. Great pics too. I got three fox last year, two silvers and one red, but they were all from calling. Couldn't seem to get the trapping thing down. I have read several books, most have hand drawn illustrations, but they just aren't the same as seeing it in a real situation. I had some fox stop just short of my snares and fall off of a log into a stream below, rather than going on through. Not sure how hidden the snares needed to be. Sorry it took me so long to reply back to everyone, I have been gone on a couple of goat hunts and on vacation. Thanks again for all of the posts.



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