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  • Beavers

    Is there a reason that in most of the state you can not take beavers with a hunting license, but you can with a trapping license?

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    hunting beaver

    I am not sure of the reason, as most places now are overrun with Beavers due to lower numbers of people going after them. Prices dictate the harvest, and Beaver don't bring enough per hour of effort to get people excited about trapping them.
    In Alaska I find it interesting that in some units you can hunt them with a gun and no trapping permit, and in others you need a trapping permit..
    They must have some reason for this, but I have no idea what it is.
    Last year we were in Unit 19 and you can hunt them there. but unit 17 just below it is a trapping area only.
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      Beavers are furbearers. The same is true of other furbearers, like otter and marten.

      The goal is to reserve the fur for the trappers, so that everybody with a gun doesn't just shoot everything they happen to see out there.


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        I think the lack of hunting opportunity goes back to before statehood. People shot and trapped alot of beaver long ago. There weren't near as many. When I first began trapping in Alaska, most, if not all, units had a limit on the number of beavs one could take.
        As the pop. increased, restrictions have relaxed. Hunting beaver often means shooting them as they swim. This often results in the loss of the animal when it sinks, or swims away wounded. Thus, no hunting season. However, with numbers getting high, and the animals becoming a nuisance in many areas, proposals have been submitted and passed by the BoG, to allow hunting. There has also been some allowance for customary and traditional practices by rural folks. As beaver continue to increase, it's very likely that additional hunting seasons will be opened.
        It is alot of fun in spring, and sometimes in fall, to cruise in a boat or canoe and hunt them.
        I can't help being a lazy, dumb, weekend warrior.......I have a JOB!
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