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  • Wolf hunting tactics

    I will be in Alaska for a moose hunt in four weeks. I intend on buying a wolf tag for some action once and if I get my bull, and/or as an incedental if the opportunity presents itself. I've no clue how to effectively hunt them, other than from a plane, which wont be the case. Sooo, what are some good tactics for killing one of them? Pred calls? Gut piles? Calf in distress?

    I'd like to at least "smoke one"

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    Wolves will often respond to a howl. So you can use howling to locate them to some extent. Predator calls can work, bring one or 2. Electronic calls often have wolf howls and moose distress calls. Might be worth considering, tho electroic calls are spendy.
    Wolves in regular moose hunting areas KNOW that humans leave guts, etc. behind and will check camps, kills etc if they think the humans are gone. If you do score a moose, maybe consider moving your camp away from the kill area and sneal back to it over the next few days. Might get ya a blackie also.
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      Belated thanks, Mike!

      Bump for 2007.

      I full well know wolves are tricky rascals to hunt. Makes me wonder just how few are actually killed in September statewide every year. Anyone else want to weigh in? Lookin' for any/all tips. I really really want a wolf. Way moreso than a bear.

      Also wonder what/where to look for in locating wolf dens. There has to be some type of prefered habitat.


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        I would as M.T. suggests and sit on the gut pile , down wind about as far back as you can shoot accurately from a well concealed position. They will come, it is just a question of when.
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