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New to predator hunting looking for a few tips and pointers.

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  • New to predator hunting looking for a few tips and pointers.

    So I got a little bonus from work and decided to spend a little bit of it on something for myself.
    I ended up buying a fox pro Hammer Jack 2 digital predator collar with the fuzzy wuzzy decoy on it.
    It came with 100 different sounds on it and I think there's a little over 100 other sounds I can download for free.
    With a total capacity of 400 sounds.
    The rifle I'm going to be using is a bolt action 1976 remington 220 Swift with a bull barrel and a 20 power Bushnell scope.
    I bought this rifle from a friend for a decent price a year or two ago and my dad gave me the scope to try out.
    The original scope that came on it when I bought it was a 10-power Bushnell.
    Me and a friend are going to the range tomorrow to sight in the new to me scope.
    I just picked up a winter ghillie suit from sportsman's Warehouse.
    I do have snow shoes and a snow machine.
    But many of the areas I want to go to with my snow machine have to be opened by The refuge once we have enough snowfall.
    I'm curious what game call sounds have worked well for you here in Alaska?
    How far should one travel between calling stations? I was thinking a couple of Miles might be far enough?
    And any other tips you might have for someone who is new to this?

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    I've almost exclusively used hare in distress with pretty decent success. That said, I know some guys in areas that are more heavily pressured will experiment with different sounds so as to give something new to the educated predators. I know of one guy that claims that javelina calls work great, so who knows?

    I usually hunt on foot, and when I do so, I go about 3/4 mile between stands. Seems to be plenty far enough.

    I usually sit on stand for 20-25 minutes. Some suggest staying longer when targeting lynx, but my thought is that more stands provides better odds than fewer stands for longer waits.


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