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    I've been looking around down on the peninsula and have been running into quite a few coyotes but don't really have the right armory to hunt them. I've got a 12 gauge shotty and a Ruger 22 Mag pistol, out of these two which would work best for taking a yote. I know I could with the 22 and the shotgun, but am wondering more about what type of load to use in the shotgun. Any information would be helpful thanks

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    Check out There's more information there than you could ever want.

    If you want the short answer. Most would say use the shotgun with #4 buck shot through a full choke. You still have to get em close, but I don't think you'd be able to shoot em any farther with the pistol unless it's a fancy match grade target pistol of some sort.


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      Good choice for Coyotes

      I would not recommend even attempting a shot with your pistol; .22 mag is great with a long-rifle for accuracy and smaller predators like a Redfox or even a Lynx.

      A shotgun works and I agree with the previous response about #4 shot, just make sure you check the pattern out at the range first so you know the spread at a certain distance. Shoot 3" mags if your shotgun can take them.

      I went looking for a wolf at the Hayfield Flats today and only saw two coyotes tracks working the Knik River, old at that!

      Go prepared and it sounds like you found a good area with coyotes, that's more than half the battle.


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        Sportsmans warehouse

        They make a special load for coyotes. Go to the warehouse and see if they sell it. I've shot them with copper plated 4 & 6 shot while pheasant hunting in colorado.


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