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  • lynx ?????

    what is a good bait for lynx? and what type of terrian should i be looking for to find lynx are they in the foot hills or the flat lands or both i have a few spots in mind but i don't won't to wast time at a place that lynx don't hang out at I'm going out saturday and any hlep is appricated :confused:

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    They will be where the rabbits are.


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      Where To Find Lynx

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      I went out with her and hit it with my red light. There was a Lynx, eating a snowshoe. The wife was totally fascinated.
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        they aren't all ways where the rabbits are because i have been trapping in an places that is loaded with rabbits butt the only thing that is kill them is me and the foxs butt i have thin out the foxs. my places i trap is in the low lands and i have never seen lynx tracks here. i think i have to move to the foot hills to find them.


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          If you've scouted your areas you should know if there's lynx there or not
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            If the rabbits are thick enough, I suspect there could be lynx around but you rarely see their tracks. They are running the rabbit trails. Seems like you would see their tracks sooner or later.
            Lynx can be anywhere, and not always where there are rabbits. As lynx pops increase, they will expand their range and will be found in areas that may not have rabbits. Also, when the rabbit pop crashes, hunger drives them to roam and they show up in places they may not have been before.
            You pretty much need snow and have to look for tracks to know for sure there are lynx around. Or just make sets for them and see if you get any.
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              Get tracking book

              Grab a tracking book, if your going to trap (or hunt for that matter) learning how to track animals is immensely helpful. Bring the book out with you, follow some bunny tracks, more than likely you'll find preditor tracks, if your lucky, they'll be that lynx you are looking for.

              Lynx tracks are often do not shoe the foot track crisp, because the fur on its foot. They often walk on the top of the snow and sink less than 8" in snow. They should be wide as they are long, and placement delibrate.

              I often find lynx and fox tracks neer the hare tracks. Good Luck


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                found some tracks in the area I trap, unforutately idiots seem to let their dogs run around the valley freely so I'm not risking a lynx set
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                  Should be plenty in the foothills and valleys going back and forth. I've yet to go out and try to set a couple traps due to the -30*F weather, but it is warming up a bit now.
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