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  • snaring question

    found fresh fox tracks today and wanted to try snaring. my question is: do snares necessarily kill what is caught in them? I am asking because there are a few dogs in the area and I DONT want to catch one of them. I know setting the snare with a smaller loop (8 or 9 inches) and only 8 or so inches off the ground will help, but i would hate to have some kids dog get caught. Thanks for the help.

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    YES, Snares will most likely kill anyting cought properly in them. If they dont kill the animal it will realy tear them up at the very least.


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      If a dog spends time on a leash or chain when caught in a snare they generally sit down and hang out if they have not been on a leash or chain befor and don't understand the restraint they will fight it and the end results may not be very good
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        I'd recommend against trapping in that area, perhaps set up a stand and do some calling instead? I just wouldn't take a chance of killing someones dog, it would be another blow to trapping.
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          Snares will generally kill dogs.

          I try not to trap where there are dogs. Sometimes you will catch dogs quite a ways away from their homes. I have caught two dogs in my life. That is in over 30 years of trapping. Both were caught in foothold traps.

          In both cases the dogs appeared to be none the worse for wear. They were both caught in #2 coil springs set for foxes. I released them both and felt their foot. Lucky it was pretty warm both times and the foot did not freeze. Both times the dogs had not been in the trap very long.

          People often mistakenly feel that just getting caught in a trap will damage a dogs foot. For those people I will set a trap and stick my bare hand in it to show them that it is a foothold trap that rarely damages the foot when it snaps shut.
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