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  • Disappointing Forum Conduct

    A number of members have sent me private messages recently concerning the current state of the trapping forum.'s not just the ones you are thinking of...there are many who have expressed frustration over the recent direction of this particular forum. Recently there have been many posts that have been directed at people instead of ideas. If you are tempted to accuse others of being "antis" or to criticize the thoughts or methods of others, please refrain from doing so. We do not have the time, space, or desire to referee negative personal comments among members. Let's return this forum back to its original intent. When someone asks for help, give it to them if you would like. When someone shares their experiences, read and learn from them. There is absolutely no benefit in criticizing in either case.

    One more reminder - forum rules apply to the private message system as well. We will not tolerate personal attacks via PMs.

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    Good Call

    Good call by stopping this it was getting annoying!


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      you should do the same thing in the hunting forum it is getting hard to read.


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        I agree!

        The hunting forum is getting very hard to read.


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          Originally posted by Brian M View Post

          One more reminder - forum rules apply to the private message system as well. We will not tolerate personal attacks via PMs.

          That's not what I've heard. Maybe things have changed.
          So what your saying is personal messages are not really"personal", or at least they are not private. The mods can read them, eh?
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            As far as I know, I have never been able to read what people send in PM's. They are between the people included in the PM. As far as the Forum Admins., they might be able too.

            I think what Brian was referring to was the "personal attacks". Contacting someone via the PM system is no problem. But attacking them via the PM system would be a violation of forum rules.

            Hopefully I helped make this clearer.

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              Thanks for clarifying my message, Dave.

              Dave is correct - while nobody except the sender and recipient can read the PMs, that does not mean that attacks are allowed. We can't read them, but if it is brought to our attention that people are attacking others through private messages we will take appropriate action.


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                Thanks to the admin guys on this one. I dont usually come to this forum. i do like to surf this site and read many many different threads. I do not trap, never have and probably never will. I still like to read the thoughts and ideas from the people who do. I like learning about it and it is nice to read some "alaskana" during the cold winter months. If there is something on here Im opposed to (if it was trapping and it is not) I would not state that unless one is asked if you approve of it or not. This site is like a good book. Read it every couple of days and the information you can get is invaluable. Im a 26 year resident of alaska and I do have strong opinions but Im here for information and knowlege. If I want to hear opinions ill read the daily fish wrap or watch the news
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                  Thanks for taking the lead

                  I appreciate Brian M's comment too.

                  Such a waste when a good thread gets sidetracked and toasted with those personal comments in any thread. Like a crappy ending to an otherwise good story.

                  The AOD forums are distinctive because of the quality of the information/experiences. Like a good campfire discussion, they're enjoyable, educational/entertaining as a reliable rule. Great community. Great moderators. Thank you.
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