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  • fox trapping

    does anyone know how to parvent toe catches. this is what happen to me on wednesday . a fox got in my trap by his toes and escaped all that was lift was the fur off the top of his foot.:confused:

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    pan tension?

    What did you have your pan tension set at? Was your trap bedded solid? When I have had misses or toe catches the things I have noticed the most were my pan tensions were too light, or my trap was not bedded good and solid as it should be.

    What size trap are you using? How much snow did it have to come up through?


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      my pan tension is set light and it was bedded vrey solid. the set is under a spruce tree and the trap is very lighty covered with moss with less then a 1/4 of an inch of snow covering that. I'm useing a #4 duoble coil spring. the jaws are not offset. what do you think is the problem:confused:


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        A #4 is big for a fox don't ya think. I use #2 and if there are a lot of yotes in the area I might use a #3 or a 4 coil #2. For fox I set my pan tension at about 2.5 lbs


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          how do you know when you got the right tension? i also use a #2 double long spring too, but this is the frist time i have had a fox in a leghold. it is my second year i have trap


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            pan tension

            Get a little kitchen scale fro wal-mart. Then fill up a pop bottle with sand till it is 2.5 lbs. then adjust the trap to go off. On a lot of coil springs you can tighten or loosen the screw and nut on the trap that goes to the pan.


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              thanks i didn't think of that


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                right on

                swampdonkey does it the same way I do it. If your pan tension is too light it will lead to toe catches. No need to use #4's for fox, save those for lynx.


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                  is a #3 jumper good for fox? and all my traps for fox are out, i would hate to have to pull them to fix them all


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