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Native friend has quesion on selling seal skins

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  • Native friend has quesion on selling seal skins

    my native buddy wants to harvest seal skins and send to moyle mink tannery...

    but, who does he sell to?....can he sell a tanned hide to a nonnative? if so, how?

    also, is there a buyer of dried seal pelts so he does not have to pay the 80 bucks to have it tanned..

    lastly, if he has an elderly lady here sew him some gloves, and i buy them, am i allowed to resell on ebay, etc?

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    Your friend can only sel the tanned seal to a Coastal Native he also must be coastal native to harvest the seal. Selling would be fairly simple just check with some local skin sewers that meet the proper critiria. Yes you can resell something if you buy it from him. I would strongly encourage him to talk to USF&W as there are special rules concerning tagging of the pelt prior to tanning and such that I do not know and would not want to misinform him on.
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      Have him contact agent Mike Wade in Nome at 443-2479.
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