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  • How often do you check?

    I've got a nephew who is so gung ho to run a line with me. He took the ATA class in October and everything, but we have a He's a 5th grader. That means he gets out of school at 3:30 and then has homework to do during the night. So that doesn't leave us much time. I personally check my lines every other day or every 3rd day. But I can go before work most days. If we were to set up a line that we check on the weekends, would that be too long? Mostly body grippers and dispatch snares, so suffering wouldn't be an issue, like it is with footholds. How long do you wait until you check a trap? Is there anywhere close to Anchorage we could set up a marten line or something so he can get his quick line check in every few days after school? Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    I personally prefer to wait a week or so before I check my traps. If you spend too much time around your traps you are gonna scare away game. That being said, I rarely use foot traps unless I have some sort of drowning set for semi-aquatic critters.


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      When I'm running wide open with both lines I am on them every 4 days it doesn't affect my catch if anything it helps it as I am clearing full traps more often. If I go 7 or more days with all the fox around I end up loosing fur to them. I do have the added benefit that this is all I do in the winter
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