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Trap IDs for non trappers

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  • Trap IDs for non trappers

    Not intending any ill-will towards trappers. I like reading your stories and find it pretty fascinating.

    Went to Cravasse Moraine and saw the Active Trapping sign. Always a little worried about my dog, who is often but not always on a leash. (Always on a leash when required by law, of course!) So a couple of questions to help me co-exist.

    When people are trapping in a busy area, are they predominantly using snares?

    From what I can tell of conibears, they are for den entrances and may be used in buckets, but are they ever just floating around?

    What other types of traps are common?

    I suppose trappers don't want to advertise their traps to thieves, but are they usually marked?

    What else should I be asking or watching for?

    I think an ermine killed a couple of my chickens, what should I use to get that ermine, but not trap my dog or chickens? (It may have also been a fox.)

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    Trap IDs for non trappers

    Type of trap will be totally dependent on who is using them and what they are after.

    The big connibears that are usually a problem for dogs are typically in bucket sets, watch some YouTube videos on how to use rope to release one, you won't have much time if your dog gets in one.

    Snares should pose no risk to your dog as long as it is within eye sight, particularly if it's leash trained, once they feel it they typically just sit down, thinking it's a leash.

    Footholds are going to do some damage to your dog but assuming your relatively close by it isn't going to be life threatening.

    I try to run my dog close to town an keep a bell on him and keep him within eyesight during trapping season, been ok so far, have seen a few snares that could have been problematic but following the advice above kept him out of them.

    Google "ermine box", they are made with rat traps and should be totally dog proof if built properly.

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      If people are trapping Cravasse Moraine they BETTER not be using conibears. Im pretty sure that the traps that are out there would be either leg holds or snares. IMO. Pretty easy to release a dog from.


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        Be warned that your dog who loves you more than anything, will bite you if hurt. I released a big dog from a 330 last year. It turned out well for the dog; However there were times in the process that I backed away, and gave serious consideration to aborting the effort.
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          I honestly think its stupid to set up a trap line on a trail that is maintained for public use by MSB Parks and Rec division, the trapper is asking for trouble. Those trails are groomed in the winter for skiers, dogs get off leashes from time to time and where is the first place they are going to go? Right for the bait, or run a path a fox or yote would and hit a snare. Way to get out in the wild and challenge yourself......

          I used to get ermine in mini box sets, much like you would use for marten, with 110's. You have to spread a wire across the trigger though, they are so skinny they can get right through without triggering it sometimes.
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            Ermine boxes look good and easy. Hopefully will get a pelt to hang in my chicken coop. Still a little angry that it killed one of the very pretty barred rocks I raises this year. Why not kill the old non-layers?

            I didn't mean to stir up any anti-trapping sentiment. Like I said, just hoping to co-exist.

            When snares are up, are are they something you can ID from a distance? Sound like Limon can spot them.


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              They are really hard to spot, by design. The intent is to camoflage them by putting grass, twigs, etc in place to keep the outline from showing. Sometimes you can find them by looking for out of place "blocking", ie branches or saplings placed in a natural trail as a way to direct a critters head into the snare.

              I agree with BIGAKSTUFF, just because its legal to trap along a rec area like that doesnt make it smart. One snared dog in a popular public recreation area like that gives all of us trappers a black eye. Not to mention when snares are left open after season and catch someone's dog in the summertime...ala LuJon's dog....


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                You can catch ermine with a rat trap. Bait it with any kind of uncooked meat or fish. Put it inside a cut open milk carton or jug for an easy "cubby". You'll also need a trapping license. You can use your dog leash to open the springs on a 330 conni, using the rope method. Carry a pair of good wire cutters, in case you need to use them on a snare.


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                  Originally posted by Gary View Post
                  You can catch ermine with a rat trap. Bait it with any kind of uncooked meat or fish. Put it inside a cut open milk carton or jug for an easy "cubby". You'll also need a trapping license. You can use your dog leash to open the springs on a 330 conni, using the rope method. Carry a pair of good wire cutters, in case you need to use them on a snare.
                  Thanks for the reminder in the wire cutters, I need to put mine back in my bag!

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                    Originally posted by mike h View Post

                    When snares are up, are are they something you can ID from a distance? Sound like Limon can spot them.
                    Depends on who's looking and who set them. A person who sets along a recreational trail is likely not a skilled trapper and their snares are probably not going to be hidden well, as was the case in the ones I saw last year, they weren't even in an area that was legal to set.

                    I've seen sets from very good wolf trappers that I couldn't see the snare from a relatively close distance even when they were pointing them out to me. That type of person isn't going to be setting anywhere near a public use trail.

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                      Carry CABLE cutters..............not wire cutters............there is a difference!
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                        mikeh I applaud your efforts to share the outdoors with everyone in a friendly and safe manor, trapping can be difficult around humans and especially pets. Last week a co-worker was walking his dog on some public land that I was asked to get rid of some coons on. Unfortunately I had caught a skunk in a leg hold trap during the day and I did not know it was there. I had checked the traps at first light and went on. So, he calls me mad as hell his dog got sprayed - I kept my cool as he vented. I was totally in the right and here was his mistakes.

                        1. He knew I was trapping there, 2. He knew I had caught another skunk the day before., and 3. Most important he broke the law by not having his dog on a leash ( has to be 10ft long or shorter here on public land...) So, I caught hell because he disregarded what he knew and broke the law... Needless to say our relations are pretty strained at this time...

                        Back to the dog, my first coyote set at 5:30 this morning had a huge choc lab crossed with cujo I think. I was pissed as I knew the owner about 1/4 mile away and was mad he put his dog in danger by letting it run wild and now I was in danger. My rule is pretty simple, if the dog acts mean - pow. And I love dogs, take mine with me trapping all the time but do not intend to get chewed up by someone else's neglect. Now one post already mentioned they may bite, and that goes for the owner or anyone that tries to remove it from a leg hold and unfortunately your face will be right at the dogs easy bite level. So, I always take a coat along and even the timid dogs get their head stuck up a sleeve to help protect me and calm the dog. Things went well this morning and fido ran along with my vehicle all the way home. But, I have a set now out of commission and it was too muddy to reset.
                        I caught a German Sheppard one time and found the owner, I said lets get its head in a coat and we should be fine. He said oh no worry she has been our pet for years. Well, first time he grabbed the trap she laid into him real bad and he was very bloody with one eyebrow looking pretty nasty! He said if you have a gun shoot it! LOL After I took care of his wounds we did it my way and all was good except the owners wounds...
                        So, just because its your buddy and all don't think it won't nail you if you do get one caught in a trap...

                        As far as conibers I set them on dry land in trails all the time, never caught a dog but if one was around it likely would get caught and in a dbl spring 220 size I am not sure I could get one off before fido expired being experienced in setting them, so good luck with that scenario... The bolt cutters should do the trick by cutting the trap, so if your packing a small pair that may work? Best advice keep your dog on a leash during trapping season if you are concerned... Coyotes are dead fairly fast when in one and I think they are a lot tougher than dogs....
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                          I would ask for all trappers to take a look at Board of Game proposals 180 and 194. All this bickering excites the antis. 194 alarms me especially because it would prohibit bird hunters with dogs to hunt beyond October 31st every year. This is wrong on many points and I hope trappers take a stand against it. We need to get along. The last thing I want is for one of my bird dogs to be hunting around traps. I'll gladly steer clear if I know where they are.


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                            Jim, Thanks for pointing those proposals out for us. I would have to disagree with both proposals myself. I will make sure that the information gets put out there to the AFTA to let the members know about the proposals.


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