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  • .17 Winchester Super Magnum

    What do you guys think of this new cartridge that Winchester came out with. The .17 Winchester Super Magnum has some pretty impressive ballistics for a rimfire cartridge. The 20 grains are 3000 fps and the 25 grains are 2800 fps.

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    I like it, I doubt Ill buy one but I probably would if I could fur hunt as much as I want to.
    I have such a hard time trying to decide which outdoor activity to do every chance I get!! Living in AK is a mental challenge


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      It's definitely interesting but ever since I started hand loading for my .223 I've had little interest in any rim
      fires since I can make my .223 act like any if them with components I already have.

      I think it would be a stellar fox gun for someone who doesn't hand load!

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        I know a guy who has one that shot a few chucks last summer. All DRT and no exits with 25 gr. Should be safe on fur for cats and fox but anything bigger better be close. Also, the wind throws those tiny bullets around badly. Good niche gun IMHO. His is very accurate and a mild blast maybe like a Hornet.


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