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  • calling?

    what kind of sounds are some favorites for a multi species hunting. what kind of duration and set time. Im working with mainly birds now, I am sitting around a hour.

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    I'm still pretty new at this, but I sit for 20-25 minutes, use hare in distress most of the time, and generally just let the call roll without stopping. When using mouth calls, I'll call for 1-2 minutes, rest for 2-3, then repeat.

    Was hoping to go out for the first time of the year today, but woke up feeling sick and achy. Hopefully sometime soon.


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      I like hand calls a lot, but use electronics too. I use several rabbit distress calls and switch it up to keep them interested, calling about a minute then sitting quiet for about 2 min. and just watching and listening. It worked on a coyote Sunday. I will also finish a stand with some coyote vocals if nothing has come in then sit for a minute or two and listen for a response before packing it in.


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        ive been seeing a good bit of wolf activity, chasing moose. electronics are new to me, I got it to try some bird and bird with distress. I ran it for 20 min in one set yesterday. I got surrounded by magpies, ravens and eagles. I have to belive that it will work. No response yet though.


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