Anyone trap unit 22?



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  • Anyone trap unit 22?

    I started trapping a few years ago near Fairbanks, my first year I didn't catch $#!^ because I had no idea what I was doing or anything about the area i was doing it in (landscape wise*.. I always check the regs) but every year I did a little bit better and I learned ALOT. I was a little concerned about trapping near fairbanks because I heard there are a lot of people who trap around there and I didn't want to "set on top" of anyone. Occasionally on my hunt for new spots I would come across somebody else's gear so i would vacate that area and I never had any problems. Eventually i was able to find some spots of my own and actually start catching some fur. Now that I've moved to Nome I have to reteach myself everything i thought i knew about trapping, being as the landscape is VERY different and it seems like the wind would just cover your traps as soon as you turned your back! I don't know much about the area except for what I've seen on a few drives out the road and a lot of hours on Google Earth. I have my sled, my snowshoes and my traps ready to go and I'm getting the itch!..if anybody has any experience trapping in unit 22 and knows where others might be trapping so I can stay away from those spots, or has any tips on how to trap on the tundra that would be greatly appreciated!

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    Used to trap there. Snared fox around the edge of town and ran a line with a friend going east of Nome. Talk to the BLM agent there. He was my trapping pard.
    I don't live there any more.
    I can't help being a lazy, dumb, weekend warrior.......I have a JOB!
    I have less friends now!!


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      Thanks for the reply marten trapper..ever do any flying up there as well?


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