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    Any one know of or heard of a C. Knoop? Shortly after the season ended he came through and posted his signs on mine and my partners line with a "historical and registered trap line" sign. Called him up and got a song and dance that it was handed down to him 4 years ago and he just hasn't had the time to trap it but wants to next season. Had a conversation with him and he fully realizes we were running the line but insists he has dibs on it. Any and all comments welcome concerning the ethics of whose line it should be. Thanks all

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    Do you have a copy of the Alaska Trappers Manual? It kind of depends on how you came to be trapping there in the first place. Tho there's some folk who refuse to abide the rule, it's generally accepted that a line unused for three years or more is considered abandoned and therefore fair game... I'd say if this guy hasn't lifted a finger to maintain or work it for four years, he's got no claim to it. "It was handed down to me" doesn't hold water IMHO.
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      Those signs sound like they're Canadian. Maybe he's lost?


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        Like iofthetaiga said there is generally a 3 year rule and if he hasn't used it or maintained it I would say it's fair game, usually if someone can't run their line for a few years they will have a friend run it to keep it active but it sounds like this guy hasn't given it any effort. We don't register our traplines in Alaska so I don't know what that means and as far as historical see the three year rule above. Good luck.................
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          Sounds like there would be an issue on my line if someone tried pulling that crap...


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            I know people dont want to hear about public land being public and I'm not sure why. Of couse I dont want someone trapping on top of me and I dont trap on top of others but public is public. If you trap with in three hours of town guess what, there is not enough room to spread out. This has been hashed out a million times on here from traplines, fishing spots and moose camps. Treat people the way you want to be treated but public land is public. If you want it too yourself buy it!!

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              I certainly hope there won't be any issues. But I have personally been running that line for 2years with my partner and he with another gentleman a year prior to that. As we are all very much aware that yes it is public ground. I have had discussions out on the line with other trappers 2 or 3 times each year and have been able work things out in a reasonable way, sometimes it was just mistake and we both made compromises. Other times it was an intentional act and the said culprit realized that it wasnt benefiting anyone by staying there and conceded. That's what sportsman do, they come together and comprise to benefit all involved and to keep the sport enjoyable to everyone. Now don't get me wrong here, I am in it for the sport and enjoying this great State but I will not just allow someone to roll in and "take" the line I have been running just becuase he placed signs on mine. I place signs up as probrably most do to give a heads up and to help deconfict the public land aspect part of it. Hopefully it will work itself all out, maybe it turns into a long useless season for both of us, but regardless I will be running the line every week if nothing else than to just get out of the house. Thanks all for your comments.


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