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Muskrats with a .22?

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  • Muskrats with a .22?

    When I was a teenager I know we used to take Muskrats in the Spring with .22 head shots out of a canoe. Is this still legal?

    I checked the trapping regs and it didn't say anything about Muscrats with a firearm, even though there was extensive info on Beaver, Lynx, Fox, etc. with firearms.

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    From what I just read, as long as the trapping season is open, it appears you can still shoot them in the spring.


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      We do it all the time here in the Northway area. One of my kid's favorite things to do is go rat hunting. It was pretty phenomenal when I was a kid, but there don't seem to be as many rats as there was. Still loads of fun though!


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        Thanks guys...

        I remember how much fun we had doing it when I was a kid. Now I'm going to carry on the tradition by taking my 11 year old daughter with me. Plus the hind legs were mighty tasty.


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          Hmmmm....didn't know about the 20 minute time limit to edit my post.

          Anyway I wanted to add that I always got a kick out of my classmates responses when I told them about frying up some rat legs...they's say " eat rats?" I'd say dang skippy and beaver too.


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            Yup, folks along the Yukon hunt them from canoes in the spring. Just make sure you have a trapping license.
            Now what ?


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              My grandfather started me hunting muskrat when I was 10 yr olds. The outings with him were some of the best trips I remember going on as a child. It really was his opportunity to teach me how to use a rifle and find out if I had any potential to be a good shot. Hunted them for years even up into High School, there sure used to be a lot of muskrats back then. We used 22 cal. rifles, I always borrowed my mother's Marlin autoloader, it was a pretty decent rifle for a kid.


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