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Cleaning blood off fresh fox pelt

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  • Cleaning blood off fresh fox pelt

    I have a fox pelt that is pretty shot up and quite a bit of blood around the exit wound. Took it out of the freezer today and skinned it and am pretty bummed out about the blood. Any advice on how to clean it up before I take it in to get it tanned? Also, any recommendations of where to take it in the Palmer/Wasilla area?

    Should I do my best to sew up the damage before taking it to be tanned?

    Any advice appreciated.

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    Yes, I know season closed the 28th, shot the 27th.

    Yes, I know season closed the 28th, shot the 27th. Unit 13.


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      If you are taking it in to get it tanned then don't worry about the blood, it will come out. I have sent arctic fox into the tanneries before that were dark red with blood and they came back beautiful. however I do wash all my fox now, right in the washing machine with dawn and downy on cold delicate cycle.

      Have you fleshed it yet? You are going to have to flesh the hide if taking it to most tanneries, or they will charge you quite a bit more.

      If I were you I would flesh it, sew it up, stretch and dry it and then send to Moyles in Idaho.


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        Blood on Pelt

        Thanks for the reply. Are you washing in the machine before you stretch & dry?


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          Assuming you have skinned it, sew up the tears(1or 2 pound monofilament), flesh it(careful around the sewn spots), wash in cold water in washer, dry in the dryer on "air dry" or "no heat". Then you can stretch and dry.
          I'm assuming you are down around Anch. You may not have to flesh it. If there ain't much fat on it, you can probably get away with not fleshing it.
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            Try This

            Want blood out of clothes or off pelts, Pour on medical Hydrogen Peroxide ( buy it at Wally-World for less than a buck a bottle). The blood stain will disolve then just rinse with cold water, pelts, you can blot with a towel then finish with a blow drier on cool. It works well when you just cleaned a Swamp Donkey and got blood all over your huntin' duds; As long as you do it before the next laundry cycle, once it goes through the drier it's there for good. Think about this ever seen a doctor with blood stained scrubs, this is why.


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              hydrogen peroxide

              Have you ever done this with raw pelts? Boy I would be a bit nervous using that unless I knew that it would not react with the tanneries chemicals they are using.

              If you don't want to wash them after they are stretched and dried you can use mineral spirits, I have done that with no adverse effects.


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                yeah, i dont know about using any kind of peroxide, that stuff will bleach your hair (i have seen a couple buddies use it) . I also use the peroxide you buy at the store to whiten my smaller skulls, so i wouldent recomend it unless you want your redhead turning into a blond.
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                  Maybe that is a good techique to come out with a "poorman's" arctic fox.


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                    good idea BUT

                    Good idea water gremlin but white fox sell for a heck of alot less on the open market than reds do.


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