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    Well, it's April first, and that means grouse/ptarmagin season is over here in SC. They are one of my favorite reasons to get out and walk around. I like to chase hare, also, but it sounds like most of us stop hunting after March due to birthing issues. Looks like other than squirrel, small game is over for me.
    Is there anything(small) I am overlooking?
    I love scouting for spring bears, but that is a whole nother' deal...
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    Squirrel hunting is one of my favorite hunts, , comming in 5th, after Moose(1) Caribou (2) bear (3) and rabbit (4) I hunt everything year round, but only shoot when thre is a season or a reason. Mostly I take my camera in the spring and try to get some close ups of grouse and rabbits and moose.
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      This is probably the only time I'll be able to tout the size of my quarry as being bigger than the "alaskan" edition but I could see the value in hunting fox or gray squirrel but why the reds here? I understand they are all different species, it's just fun to have animals bigger than those in Alaska!

      Is there any meat to salvage?- said the moose hunter to the white-tailed deer hunter. Probably just depends on the perspective of the pursuer.

      Go Big Red!


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