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the old .410 strikes again

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  • the old .410 strikes again

    Not to tell my age but I haven't really used my 410 since I first started squirrel hunting in VA the late 80s. I pulled it out the other day and for some reason I couldn't get the hammer to function. My friend Ralph and I tore it apart and finally figured out that hammer spring had slipped out of place. It took some creative engineering but we figured it out and got it working again. Thanks Ralph!!

    He wanted to take his boy after some bunnies so Sunday we loaded up and took off. I had forgot how much fun that little 410 is. It has a full choke so you have hold a real tight bead or it's a complete miss. I made a few long head shots and running shots but missed a few too. I've used a pump for so long it took a while to get use to a single shot again. It made for a fun day.

    I love Alaska! Ptarmigan and hiking on Saturday and hares on Sunday.

    Here's a picture of my Winchester model 37a single shot. Ralph can post the other pictures if he wants.

    Click image for larger version

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    Very nice. Sounds like you had plenty of hare in your area. That's good to know. Now is the best time of the season IMO. Thanks for sharing.


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      Nice! I shot a single shot 20 GA, awesome rabbit gun!
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        I have a newer H&R .410 single that occasionally I like to just take out to do some squirrel or rabbit hunting. Don't get very many, but sometimes I see alot- just don't shoot much. Unfortunately nothing is in season for us or I would be tempted to take the little guy for a walk tomorrow.


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          ugh, southern hunting seasons...

          I love Alaska!
          Passing up shots on mergansers since 1992.


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