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A quick ptarmigan hunt from last week!

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  • A quick ptarmigan hunt from last week!

    Took 3 of my Brittanys out for a quick hunt in bright sunshine, relatively warm temps of +15, but in a fairly good wind. Pretty slippery, even on snow shoes with cleats. The ptarmigan are flocking up and beginning to head toward breeding grounds. Hunting this time of year can be boom or bust, but it's all good!

    Where there's droppings, there just might be some birds?

    Rudy, my 6 year old Brittany, with a willow ptarmigan.

    My "little gun" with a willow ptarmigan.

    Young Charlie, 2, in the last light of evening.


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    Just about every time I see a "Jim McCann" thread I click on it with the expectation of seeing fantastic upland hunting pictures. As usual Jim you did not disappoint!


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      Thank you, sir! I aim to please and it helps that I love my subject matter so much. It also helps when I carry one of my DSLRs along with me in the field instead of just a Point-and-Shoot.



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        WOW. Everyone of those pics is a treasure. The dog pics are stunning. Love that double gun, also, What kind and caliber is it?
        "When the time comes for a man to look his Maker in the eye, where better could the meeting be held than in the wilderness?"


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          nice looking hunt. wish we had such firm crust down here.

          i think you've posted photos of that gun before, is it a merkel 28ga? curious where you got it, more than just a general interest. my dad had one very similar, mom sold it post-divorce for $50 or so (just a guess on price but i'm sure it was peanuts). not likely i'll ever get my hands on one, so maybe i can live vicariously through yours, if that's indeed a similar arm. i know you posted on having one at some point. if only mom knew, or cared, at the time. sorry for the diversion, not trying to pee on your thread, just lamenting aloud.

          i hope to get out at least a few more times this spring. nasty snow conditions though, anything steep wants to slide down here, almost got buried by some small slides snowshoeing over/across a few terrain rollovers during the last week,

          a skier died yesterday and another broke their leg in the talkeetnas so be careful out there folks.

          thanks for your contribution again jim.


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            Glad you enjoyed the photos. The gun is a Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Company RBL 28 gauge. It weighs just under 6 pounds and is a joy to carry, but I confess how I don't shoot it as well as my other guns. I prefer to carry one of my 16 gauge sxs guns, but I bought two of these American made RBLs - one in 28 gauge, the other a 20 gauge - before they disappeared from the market. CSMC only made a limited run of these fine guns. Lots of other fine guns out there, but these are special IMHO, so I dug deep and bought them.



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              Stunningly Nice Photos Jim,

              Those Dogs are Beautiful, but that photo #3, is Perfect

              Amazing, Great post
              Ten Hours in that little raft off the AK peninsula, blowin' NW 60, in November.... "the Power of Life and Death is in the Tongue," and Yes, God is Good !


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                These CSMC RBLs have only been on the market for...I dunno, maybe four years? And if anyone sold one for just $50.00 then that person lost at least $4,000, and the buyer should be arrested for felony theft!

                For those that care, CSMC has a few guns left and are discounting them, but they are still going for anywhere from $3500 to $5,000.

                Here is the only Merkel I own, a model 1620 in the venerable 16 gauge.

                I don't buy expensive sport cars; don't frequent expensive bars; sold my airplane; down to just one old horse; don't have a riverboat or an ATV or a Valdez boat; don't have an expensive concubine...But I do have some nice shotguns!



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                  Love seeing such happy dogs! I really want a brittany... maybe next year.


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                    Thanks, Kodiakrain! My pointing dogs are like my children and I love them to distraction.


                    You wanna see happy dogs? Ok!

                    Here is old Buddy, at 13, doing what he loves to do during the summer - swim to exhaustion! He's not doing so well these days and I know he won't be with me much longer. Buddy will be featured in an article in GUN DOG magazine in the June issue.

                    Rusty, now 10 years old, but still going pretty strong and a bird finding machine!

                    Young Charlie, 2, stretching out in a barley field.

                    Charlie in the lead, Rusty in the rear, on a daily training run last summer.

                    That's enough for now. Don't want to overstate my joy and enthusiasm!



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                      There is simply nothing better than upland hunting with dogs and double guns. Thanks for sharing.


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                        I totally agree with your statement. Life is good! And sharing those brief glimpses into my upland life...actually, most of my life, is my pleasure!



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                          Simply put....good stuff!
                          "If I could shoot a game bird and still not hurt it, the way I can take a trout on a fly and release it, I doubt if I would kill another one." George Bird Evans


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                            Thanks, Hoyt!

                            Man, it's been hard to find ptarmigan lately. The birds are in transition toward breeding grounds and it can be boom or bust, more than usual. And here I am trying to film a tv show in the next couple of weeks!



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                              Thanks for sharing your birds, your gun and your dogs..../John


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