Snow conditions between Palmer and Glennallen?



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  • Snow conditions between Palmer and Glennallen?

    I have yet to get out this season and would like to head out with the kids and slay some bunnies before winter is gone.

    What are the snow/road conditions like between Palmer and Glennallen? I have not been out that way in awhile and was curious how deep the white stuff is.
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    I got back Sunday. The lakes are mostly hardpacked (like cement) snow and the woods are 2-4 feet of corn snow. Some of the worst snowmachining I have ever experienced. While we had fun, corn snow is tough to walk or snowmachine. Little bunny sign also. In 90 miles of off trail snowmachining, we never kicked one up. 5 days out I never saw one around the cabin.
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      i suspect that the bunny population up that way is about to crash dramaticly. lalst year it was stupid how many there were. this year, well, not so much. they are on the fall.
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        Corn snow is miserable for travel of any kind...and it seems to be spread consistently around the entire region. From Talkeetna to Eureka and I hear the same reports down the Kenai...
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          Knee deep with an uneven crust but the bunnies are there is ya know where to look. They got the same conditions all the way up to Circle(I drove up there on Sunday). No good snowmacine riding snow around that I can find.
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            I will be on foot, so the lack of snow machines just means more opportunity to me.
            Just a bitter Alaskan clinging to his guns and religion.....


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              the road condx were great on Sunday (13th) but the wind was uncomfortable for little ones... Today (thursday 17th) I have about 4+ inches of fresh powder on my yard, and more coming down.. I've no idea how much if any snow is falling on up the Glen.../John


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                Bilder, in this case, poor snow machine conditions equals poor snow shoe / walking conditions.

                How old are you kids? They might struggle with the snow conditions currently out there. Walking on snow machine trails is easy enough and you can find game on or near trails, but I like to get out of the travel corridor. That is where the snow shoes are necessary and it is not good even with them on right now.

                I do not have kids so I have to use my dogs for example...Both my dogs have lots of desire (3 year old and 9 year old). The last two times I was out they struggled greatly. They tried real hard but were exhausted within two hours when they can normally run for easily two times that. I could see at times they were really frustrated. I was frustrated too. A young dog might be disheartened enough by this to be reluctant the next time out. You want it to be fun for them.

                It is worth a shot to get out. I plan to go out a couple more times this week even though I expect conditions to be just as poor. I cant say how long we will be out, it may well be short, but you cant shoot from the couch...although there are some good outdoor television shows on the DVR...but that is why we have the we can go out now and watch the shows later when it is dark :-)

                Let us know how you do and what conditions you find.
                Good Luck


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                  Looks like we may be on hold till next weekend. The youngest is sick and the oldest is starting to get sick.

                  Oh well. Guess I could go out alone and check an area to the south of Anchorage I have been interested in. I like to scout a new area alone before hauling the kids out with me. Saves much grumbling if it is a bust. My girls are 10 and 15. They are eager till they get cold and have no game to show for it. After that my day pretty much is filled with that god awful sound of whiny voices that will not stop till they get some hot chocolate and a burger.

                  We found a few areas last year between Palmer and Glennallen that were easy on the kids and not well traveled. Lots of bunnies too. But like a dummy I forgot to log the locations on my GPS so who knows if I can find them again. I do agree with you Burke, get off the main traffic areas and you will likely find some good hunting. Just takes a couple hundred yards off the main trail most of the time. The best areas we found last year had no signs of anyone else being there recently.
                  Just a bitter Alaskan clinging to his guns and religion.....


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