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Please help, Grouse or ptarmigan hunting.

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  • Please help, Grouse or ptarmigan hunting.

    My wife and I are visiting alaska the first week in Sept for our 25 wedding anniversary. We are staying in Soldotna (sp?). We will be doing the fishing thing for a couple of days, but we will have three free day to do what we want. My wife and I love to hunt grouse, and have traveled to Wiscosin, Maine and Canada to hunt them. We have flushing dogs now, but we use to have german short hairs also. (Dogs are not comming along) Any way, we were wondering if we might be able to hook up with someone for a day of grouse or ptarmigan hunting. We will have our own guns and ammo. Willing to buy lunch and help out with gas money. We will have a 4wd truck, so we will be able to get around. We're willing to drive a couple of hours to hunt. Thanks for your consideration. Dan

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    1st week sept is moose season, so may be hard to find anyone around! Give me a shout closer to the time you get here. I'm in the interior (best grouse hunting area), so will not be close to Soldotna. However if you want to travel, I maybe able to help you out.
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      The grouse hunting is no doubt better in the interior but if you don't mind hunting with a pointer (English Setter) I could show you some spots as I live in Kenai.


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        that would be great. not looking for much, just want to give it a try. My wife is actually pushing for it. She loves grouse hunting. Thanks for thr reply. My wife will love it. Thanks


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          Remind me as your trip gets closer so I can have some time set aside. I think we will probably go for ptarmigan, it sounds like you folks are active hunters and wouldn't mind a fair piece of walking into the mountains?


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            Thanks, we are pretty gug-ho when it comes to hunting. I PM you when it gets closer.


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