Need someone with hare running hound.



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  • Need someone with hare running hound.

    I have a 7 month old Beagle that I need to run with another hound to teach him the differences in how hares track and try to elude the hounds. I have mine following a scent trail pretty good now. The next phase is to chain him up turn a live rabbit loose in front of him catch the rabbit put it in the hutch then turn the beagle loose to run the track/trail. The next phase following that is to turn the rabbit loose and give it a good lead distance then turn my beagle loose to chase it around call the beagle off and catch the rabbit and put it inits hutch.

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    Please? Anyone!


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      I use to run rabbits with beagels in VA and running with older dogs normally works wonders. Have you put your pup in a place with lots of hares yet? With the natural drive most beagels have I would think that after a few good trips and he'd be a pro. Normally pups pick it right up especailly if they catch a hare or two.

      Watch out for tapeworms. A few of the bunnies we shot last weekend were full of them.

      Good luck, I think it would be fun to run beagles here with the crazy #s of hares.


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        You dont need to do any of that. If that beagle has the instinct, just keep hunting with it. It will figure it out one day. Take it to our spot when the snow clears. If anything Ill get out with you and my beagle. Although mine doesnt pack up. But maybe yours will follow.


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          Sounds good rimfire, lets run the dogs sometime. Sending you a pm soon. Bnkwnto what you were describing is exactly what I was looking for.


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